Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle

Christmas is always the perfect time to radiantly celebrate life's most beautiful moments. Lancôme offers women the chance to do just this through the magic of scent, with its fragrance designed as a declaration of happiness. Thus La vie est belle L'Eau de Parfum, French women's favourite fragrance1 and among the most popular across the world2 is adorned in its most beautiful finery to make Christmas 2014 a luminous celebration brimming with surprises.

Exceptional Creations for Exceptional Mments

Lancôme celebrates light to transform Christmas 2014 into a succession of radiant revelations, suffused with infinitely irresistible charm – the charm that only Christmas possesses! This magic is embodied by two remarkable creations: an exceptional edition - rare, precious and innovative - showcasing La vie est belle in a luminous décor and a silver-tinted bottle limited edition. Two sparkling interpretations, each celebrating light itself to offer moments of absolute luxury, perfecting the modernity of the now iconic fragrance that is La vie est belle L'Eau de Parfum.

La vie est belle L'Édition Exceptionnelle

The Light Box – a limited edition of 10 and an ultra-technological objet d'art
An exceptional creation constructed from light and glass, the Light Box truly showcases the L'Eau de Parfum delicately set on its pedestal atop a flight of illuminated steps. After a few seconds, the letters of happiness appear: La vie est belle, that universal declaration to the beauty of life. Next, a multitude of droplets light up, revealing the radiant silhouette of our Maison's cherished chandelier. The luminous steps render the iconic bottle truly majestic. Behind it, the city appears, suffused with light and revealing all of its secrets. These beams of light dance around the bottle, transforming into veils and then ties, before giving way to the stunning Parisian backdrop. Now, the Eiffel Tower can be seen. As though enveloped in the melody synonymous with La vie est belle: 'Beautiful Days" by the group Venus, the city is adorned with a thousand lights.

Like a little stage for the fragrance's story, the Light Box is a feat of innovation.
In order to create it, Lancôme worked with the creator of 'Powerglass" technology, Glas Platz.

LED lights are melted thanks to the cutting-edge technology at the heart of its crystalline glass walls: the Light Box's four walls thus light up gradually to create a scintillating visual spectacle, the Ville Lumière celebrating both Christmas and La vie est belle. This collaboration is the first of its kind for both Lancôme and Glas Platz, the inventor and sole owner of 'Powerglass," a technological innovation previously reserved for architectural designs. For this collaboration with Lancôme, in a blend of modernity and craftsmanship, it is applied to an objet d'art for the very first time. 10 exceptional pieces will be created worldwide.

La vie est belle L'Édition Limitée

The La vie est belle L'Eau de Parfum bottle is suffused with new-found light to catch the eye of La vie est belle devotees and limited edition collectors. Framed in sequins, the transparent window of its box showcases the bottle as though suspended before a silver chandelier, in a nod to the one featured in the La vie est belle film. Its precious zamac cap matches the bottle's metallic dress, while its nuanced silvery finery fades away to transparency, allowing the Crystal Smile to be seen coloured in shimmering pink. The iconic fragrance that is La vie est belle L'Eau de Parfum, blending the rare nobility of Iris Pallida with the childlike delights of the gourmand accord, flaunts a stunning new bottle to bring even more joy to the holiday celebrations.


Christmas 50ml EDP Limited Edition: RRP $132

L'Absolu De Parfum 40ml Limited Edition: RRP $158         

Available at David Jones and Myer department stores and online at Stockist number: 1300 651 991

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