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Keeko Oil

Keeko Oil

Over time, the food and drink we consume can cause a yellow film to form over the teeth. This 'film' or 'layer' is most commonly referred to as plaque and tartar. Comprised of millions of bacteria that live on the surface and within the pores of the teeth, this build up can be difficult to remove with brushing alone.

Whilst conventional teeth whitening products may help to brighten up a discoloured smile, they do not address the root of the problem and possess potential health implications that far outweigh the results.

Furthermore, studies have shown that mainstream teeth whitening products may trigger an inflammatory response and mucosal trauma to the tissues in the mouth when used in high concentrations. This combined with the harmful free radicals generated in the artificial teeth whitening process has the potential to cause damage on a cellular level.

Offering a safe, gentle and effective alternative, regular oil pulling with Keeko provides a healthy antidote to common tooth discolouration. Anti bacterial and anti microbial, Keeko is significantly more effective than other oil pulling methods on the market thanks to its oil soluble nature that works to attract the bacteria that leads to tooth discolouration like a magnet, ready to be expelled after 10-15 minutes of use.

The results? A vibrant pearly white smile that is healthy, sustainable and 100% natural.

Offering 3 taste-bud tantalising flavours: Morning Mint (Spearmint and Peppermint), Citrus Burst (Lemon Lime & Pink Grapefruit) and Sweet Sensation (Vanilla Coco with a hint of cinnamon), Keeko Oils taste just as delicious as they smell.

what is oil pulling?
Oil pulling is an ancient practice originating from Indian Ayurvedic medicine and is used to detoxify the mouth and body. This ancient practice is fast gaining popularity all over the world because not only does it cleanse your mouth and increase your overall health, it also naturally whitens your teeth and gives you a killer smile.

how it works.
The bacteria in the mouth is the starting point for a lot of disease in the body. Keeko works by binding to the build up of bad bacteria present in the mouth and teeth, which is then expelled like a normal mouthwash. Water and brushing alone won't work against the plaque that builds up on your teeth over time and makes them go yellow. The swishing movement draws out toxins and bacteria from the mouth, preventing and banishing bad breath, gingivitis and cavities whilst naturally whitening the teeth and allowing your sparkling smile to shine through.

how to use.
Squeeze contents out of the packet into your mouth. Swish and swirl around for 10-15 minutes. Spit into the bin. Rinse.

Review: I am a major fan of the Keeko range; I noticed whiter teeth and healthier gums within the first week of oil-pulling. Morning Mint would have to be my favourite, in this range. I wasn't sure I'd love the concept but I've found oil-pulling, in the morning, to be strangely relaxing and therapeutic; that was until I laughed at a meme and spit oil, all over my screen, one FriYAY. I'll continue using Keeko, daily and try to keep the oil inside my mouth, from here on in.
- Brooke Hunter

Keeko is proudly Australian made and owned. All Keeko oils are dentist-recommended, vegan, gluten free, organic and made from the highest quality ingredients sourced within Australia. Keeko is available in three yummy flavours and can be purchased on and in selected stockists throughout Australia and internationally.


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