5 Must-Have Accessories for a Work-Friendly Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Accessories for a Work-Friendly Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Accessories for a Work-Friendly Wardrobe

As a woman, you're often asked for more in the workplace than your male counterparts. You have to work harder, speak out more (but not too much) and come up with better ideas, just to be taken half as seriously.

So, what you don't want is to be judged on your wardrobe, too. We're going to take a look at five must-have accessories that will help you put together a work-friendly wardrobe that's both professional and stylish.

1. Comfortable Yet Stylish Shoes
There's a tough balance when it comes to office appropriate shoes.
If you show up in high-fashion stilettos that you can't even walk in, you can bet your colleagues aren't going to take you seriously.
But ugly orthopaedic shoes aren't going to make a good impression, either.
Low heels can be great, but don't feel like you have to wear heels if that's not your jam.
Something like a classic Oxford or a brogue, paired with a stylish outfit can make you look extremely fashion-forward.

2. A Tailored Blazer
For a woman working in an office environment, a tailored blazer is an absolute godsend.
Don't be afraid to splash out a little on one that fits you perfectly, because you're going to be wearing it with everything – trust us.
It can bring a touch of class to a more casual outfit, like a pair of skinny jeans and a blouse. Or worn with a simple dress, you'll look both professional and chic as heck.

3. A Classic Phone Case
This is especially important if you use your phone a lot for work. You don't want to whip out your phone to make an important business call and have all your colleagues see your Adventure Time phone case.
No, what you need is a professional-looking, stylish and timeless case, such as any one of these leather cases from Case Haven.
Bonus points if you can match it to your shoes or your handbag.

4. Simple, Fairly Conservative Jewellery
If you're particularly daring – or your office is a bit younger or more forward-thinking – you could go for one bold statement piece.
However, a good rule of thumb is to keep jewellery simple and fairly conservative.

Stud earrings, a simple bracelet or a nice chain necklace are all good choices.
Nothing too flashy or sparkly, and nothing that's going to make you look like you're reliving your teenage years.

5. The Perfect Handbag or Briefcase
Although you want a good, quality, well-made bag for work, much like with jewellery, you don't want it to be too flashy.
Don't buy into the latest handbag trends, buy something timeless that isn't going to go out of fashion in the next six months. Not only is it a waste of money, it can also make you look flighty and too obsessed with what's hot.
If you need a briefcase for work, you can get some classic, stylish women's briefcases. Alternatively, a satchel-style bag can be suitable for carrying folders and papers, instead.



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