Joop! Thrill

Joop! Thrill

Joop! Thrill

Yearning burning.

Get hip to the thrill couple.

If you could bottle the Thrill of their nightly forays into the metropolis from the adrenalin burning of flirting in darkened bars and falling together into a taxi, the night not over and everything still possible, then this would be it. They're free, sexy and want to get it on down at the best places in town. The Joop! Thrill couple has the vigor and verve to toy with the limits and take centre stage for high voltage roller-coaster ride through the limitless possibilities of the modern urban oasis.

Joop! Thrill for Her
There is something animalistic to Alexandra Kosinski's latest interpretation of the thrill of feminity. Fresh dew and luscious peach in the top note, luminous Lily and enchanting Mimosa at its heart and a spellbinding sexy dry down of sensual Tonka Bean and velvety Sandalwood. A sexy trapů to thrill him.

Joop! Thrill for Him
A daring twist from Perfumer Christophe Raynaud sees classic core values sexed up with a juicy top note of sparkling Bergamot and crispy Granny Smith. As the smoke clears a distinctive woody heart emerges. While the clincher for Joop! Thrill man is the addictive Vanilla edge to the creamy Sandalwood core during dry down. A sexy trap... to thrill her.

Addiction has no rules

Desire is hunger

Thrill...Has got the bottle.
With their sensual corporal lineaments the flacons come in energetic pink and deep red whose aesthetic sexiness is enhanced by suggestive and pleasingly thick metallic tops. They come in lithe Bauhaus style flacon whose design reflect the Joop! House's eccentric and provocative stance. Either one has the power of personality to stand alone and they however set each other off perfectly when placed together

A taxi cab called desire.

There's plenty of room in the back of a black cab and those drivers well they've seen it all, so discreet and professional. So when we see the Joop! Thrill cpuple spill out of a late night ride into the wanton half lit glimmer of a cobbled but swish city stree, her in her party dress and cooked rebel hat, him somehow with his shirt off and not even caring, we are instantly transported to a palce we have already been to and to where we all long to return. The Thrill couple are already there. Imagine it were you! What delicious turn would the game take next?

Available from: Myer, David Jones, The Perfume Connection and selected Coty authorised stockists.