How The Digital Era Has Shifted Modern Beauty Standards

How The Digital Era Has Shifted Modern Beauty Standards

Today, beauty is vastly different to the way that it used to be. The beauty industry has always performed exceptionally well, but that is by no means an indication or a nod that this is an industry that has always performed in a healthy and positive respect. In fact, in the past, the beauty industry has been incredibly exclusive and thus quite toxic for anyone who does not fit into the predisposed beauty standards set by the industry itself. More than ever, this approach to beauty is being considered for what it is: incredibly damaging, and even life threatening. Thankfully, there is a shift in the wind and the future of the beauty industry is finally, at long last, looking healthier than it has ever looked.

How the digital era has influenced perceptions of beauty

The digital era has well and truly shifted the modern beauty standards to a healthier place. While this has obviously not always been the case before the digital era came to be, it is encouraging to realise that the digital era has brought forth an incredibly useful and overwhelmingly positive approach to beauty perceptions that is ideal for the masses and not just for the few people that naturally fit the beauty standards of the past. Thanks to the digital era and social media and the like, the message of self love and beauty coming from within is spreading like nothing else, and what is more, is that this is just the beginning.

Diving into the journey to healthy perceptions of beauty

The road to healthy public beauty standards is one that has been rocky, to say the least. However, now that we are beginning to see a positive shift in the field, it is important to acknowledge and understand that the time for change is finally upon us. Today, the messages more easily spread on social media and the like are driving home the point more than ever that there is a very necessary need to broaden the beauty standards so that they exclude no one and allow everyone to feel like they are accepted and cherished.

Why the conversation must be continued going forward

We are finally seeing positive movement, it is true, but we are also beginning to see a shifting movement that must continue to be upheld and the like. Never has there been an impact as positively solid as this recent movement, and this is just the beginning. We must continue to push and pursue excellence. Whether that means embracing a loved one's tape in hair extensions even though you do not like them for yourself, or spreading the message of internationally inclusive beauty and self love, it is more important than ever to continue fighting the good fight.

In a world where we are being driven together more and more, it is instrumental that we continue to be entirely supportive and loving of one another, even if that means jumping outside of one's comfort zone every now and then to do so.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash


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