The Links Between Beauty Perceptions and Approaches To Self Worth

The Links Between Beauty Perceptions and Approaches To Self Worth

Beauty has always been quite the fluid concept, however there has always been a set public perception of beauty that, like it or not, has set in motion an overall approach to beauty that is decidedly exclusive. The problem with this is that it has created an essence of lack of self worth for anyone that does not adhere to that very exclusive, industry-driven ideal of beauty standards. For so long, individuals around the world have been gearing up towards what has been an interesting shift, and a shift that has been so desperately needed for so long. This is the dawn of a new era in beauty, and it is the healthiest era yet.

For the longest time, individuals around the world adhered to the beauty practices and the like that they have been conditioned to believe are necessary to conform to the industry-driven ideals of what it means to be beautiful. This is toxic, and it is so comforting to know that this ridiculous motion is finally being driven out. Of course, if an individual wants to use an IPL laser hair removal device to boost their confidence, then go for it. There is nothing in the world wrong with that. But what is wrong is when the entire beauty industry pushes an innovation like that (or of any other kind, for example) on everyone. It should be a choice without any pressure.

The modern perception of beauty is healthier than ever

Thankfully, these days it is becoming more and more of a choice that comes without the added pressure on top. Today, more than ever, beauty is a mindset. However, that does not mean that every aspect of the industry is at a healthy level just yet, but there is a lot of positive movement towards that direction. The beauty standards that are widely accepted today are beauty standards that embrace and encourage individuality and embracing and loving your natural self. The idea is that beauty comes from within, and it does.

Unravelling the links between beauty and approaches to self worth

There are genuine links between beauty perceptions and approaches to self worth. When individuals used to see beauty ads in magazines and online and on the ad breaks on television, they were seeing a very set perception of beauty. Of course, this creates what can only be described as a toxic comparison trait that is self deprecating and harrowing. Now, however, the tides are turning and we are (finally) seeing a different approach come to life.

Taking the steps to build a healthy respect for one's own beauty

Building a healthy relationship with one's own perception of beauty is a work in progress, a learning curve, if you will. More than ever, we are seeing more and more focus on individuals who are willing and able to break outside the norm and be who they are in their souls. This is their most beautiful self, and it is encouraging and exciting to see that this is the ideal of beauty that is being driven forward more and more.

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash


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