Soodox for Women

Soodox for Women

Soodox™ for Women is an Award-Winning Pain Relief Cream that uses a concoction of naturally sourced active ingredients to provide temporary relief of period pain, mild arthritis, muscular aches and joint discomfort. It is targeted at women of all ages and unlike most other gels and creams, has a non-greasy texture, a beautiful light lavender scent and no overwhelming sensation of heat.


With no other topical product for menstrual issues available in the market, Soodox™ for Women comes in the form of a low-odour cream and may assist in the temporary relief of period pain, mild arthritis, muscular aches and joint discomfort. More manageable than other cream-based pain relief options, it has a non-greasy texture, a light lavender scent, and no overwhelming sensation of heat that you may find with other creams and gels.

Appreciating that pain can strike at any time, Soodox™ for Women conveniently comes in a handy size, compact enough to keep in your handbag. The tube is packaged in a beautiful container made from sustainable materials that can be repurposed after use.

To help relieve women's pains and aches, this offering by Soodox™ includes:
- Lavender Oil, which is often used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic
- Clary Sage Oil, which may regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate symptoms of menopause
- Marjoram Oil, which has traditionally been used as an analgesic, and which may dilate blood vessels, relieving stomach cramps

Soodox™ for Women is made with the likes of Arnica, Rosemary Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Emu Oil and Eucalyptus Oil; all known for their soothing and healing abilities.

Soodox™ for Women Pain Relief Cream is available online at and in selected pharmacies  nationally.

RRP: $19.95 (75g).




Really surprised how effective this cream was, worked in minutes to relieve muscle surface pain and get me back moving.


Recently diagnosed with lower back arthritic pain, I applied this cream to my pelvic and lower back area, within minutes I had relief that painkillers haven't been able to provide. Blown away by Soodox Pain Relief Cream's effectiveness, which will now be part of my morning routine.


Michelle Warmuz