Hopewood Health Retreat

Hopewood Health Retreat
Hopewood Health Retreat is located one hours drive from Sydney and combines a haven of uncomplicated healing for the body and the mind. Hopewood is renowned for its natural health philosophy which advocates a rich diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, gentle exercise, water and fresh air and rest.

As a sanctuary for good health and wellbeing, Hopewood Health Retreat has a dedicated team who have over 46 years of experience specialising in natural healing, stress control, weight management and massage with beauty pampering.

Hopewood offers a delicious vegetarian menu and take home recipe book as well as exciting activities including salsa classes!

Hopewood Health Retreat is the perfect place to relax and revitalise, maintain and gain a healthy glow.

With winter slowly creeping up, we often forget we need to change our summer eating, exercise and sleeping habits in order to keep our immune levels up. Hopewood Health Retreat's Naturopath, Wendy Hannah has developed the following top tips to ensure we maintain a healthy immune system during winter.

* Start to build up your immunity now, make sure you have essential fatty acids each day - avocado, fish oil, seeds, flaxseeds oil, evening primrose or nuts
* Zinc is important for all immune function - bananas, seeds, root veggies, almonds to name a few
* Add ginger or garlic to salads, stews, soups, veggie juices
* Cut down on saturated fats as these are known to be mucus forming
* Have more citrus fruit as we get closer to winter, start with a warm lemon juice 25% on rising
* Increase root veggies, these have lots of minerals, leafy greens and yellows are also vital for the season ahead
* Most important is to also make sure you get adequate sleep before midnight, broken sleep leads to an inadequate supply of hormones for the next day

Visit Hopewood Health Retreat at www.hopewood.com.au or call them on (02) 4773 8401.