Colgate a Deeper Clean & Great Stocking Filler

Colgate a Deeper Clean & Great Stocking Filler


Colgate has a new addition to the 360 toothbrush range...introducing Colgate 360 Deep Clean. With long, super Slim Tip bristles designed to reach deep in-between teeth and along the gum line, the Colgate 360 Deep Clean gives you a healthier whole mouth clean (compared to brushing alone with an ordinary flat trim toothbrush).

As 80% of bacteria are not on teeth, the Colgate 360 Deep Clean features the signature tongue and cheek cleaner that Colgate 360 is famous for. Colgate 360 Deep Clean removes bacteria from not only teeth, but also tongue, cheeks and gums, so your whole mouth benefits in the brushing process for a deeper whole mouth clean. Also, Colgate toothbrushes are recommended by Australian dentists.

Improper brushing technique can cause the build up of bacteria on the surface of the tooth where the teeth and gums meet, which is why its important to give your mouth the best clean possible. The Colgate 360 Deep Clean toothbrush endeavours to minimise the build up of such bacteria by featuring long, slim and, tapered bristles, allowing them to delve deeper into the groove where the teeth and gum join.

Available now in all major retailers and independents the Colgate 360 Deep Clean toothbrush retails at $5.99 (RRP)* and comes with soft or medium bristles. So get one today for a whole new brushing experience!


Lollies, chocolate, ice cream and cake...theres no doubt about it, kids love sweets and Christmas is a time when they often get plenty. The question is... how do you get the littlies to do something thats good for their health without spoiling their fun? This year Colgate has the answer! With their exciting range of character themed toothbrushes and toothpastes, the only problem you may have this Christmas is keeping the kids out of the bathroom!

Gifts to create a buzz
For kids aged three and up you cant go past the Colgate character power toothbrushes. With a small oscillating head and extra soft bristles that clean teeth and sweep away plaque, these power toothbrushes are sure to keep the littlies teeth clean (not green!). Little boys and girls will love brushing their teeth with Shrek , and Bratz TM themed power toothbrushes, ensuring your kids will line up morning and night to brush with their brand new brushing friends! Priced at RRP* $10.49 the Colgate character power toothbrushes include replaceable batteries to ensure your kids can get buzzing, and brushing their teeth right away!

Cool presents bursting with freshness
Candy canes shouldnt be the only minty treats nestled under the tree this year. Inject some freshness into Christmas morning with the Colgate Looney Tunes and Colgate Shrek themed toothpastes. Perfect to fill stockings theyre available in sparkling mint flavour and priced at only RRP* $1.99 for kids Looney Tunes toothpaste and RRP* $2.49 for the Shrek toothpaste!

Adults get in on the action
Why should the kids have all the fun? Colgate lets adults also get in on the action with the Colgate Actibrush Multiaction toothbrush. Priced at RRP* $15.99 the Colgate Actibrush is designed to clean deep between teeth and break up plague. Its curved neck also reaches back teeth. Who wouldnt want a set of pearly whites this Christmas?!

Available at all major supermarkets and pharmacies, Colgate offers the perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas to make sure your familys teeth stay healthy and clean the fun way!