Sun Dayze - Beauty Guru

Sun Dayze - Beauty Guru

Summer Stylin'

This busy time of year is often when our beauty habits go into high maintenance mode!! With the party season in full swing, are your legs in tip top shape?

When was the last time you had a pedicure? Are your legs as silky smooth and moisturized ready for the summer ahead?

In this festive season, the busier we are with shopping + gift buying, parties + functions, and preparing for holidays, the less time we seem to have to dedicate to keeping up with the basics.

It is the simple things like having smooth legs, an easy to style 'do and a polished makeup + skincare routine.

* Legs Eleven: for the smoothest shave, use a body wash, shaving cream / gel or hair conditioner (makes for great shaving results and moisturises your skin @ the same time) - soap is too drying; shave in the opposite direction of hair growth; and always use a new blade. Keep your skin hydrated with:
The Body Shop's nut body butter.

* Beach hair: coat your hair with sunscreen, so the tips don't get too sun damaged / bleached; always wear a hat, scarf or bandanna; and if you swim a lot deep condition your hair prior to your aquatic plunge, rinse with a gentle cleansing shampoo after to remove salt or chlorine.

* Fresh-faced charm: be beauty-savvy before your summertime adventures, and keep your shoreside expeditions, blading epics, or summer picnics to when the sun's rays are least damaging before 10am and after 3. Faux tanning is the best way to keep my skin as even as possible, but don't be fooled by your golden glow, and remember to be methodical this summer by always starting with a liberal application of SPF 30+ - and especially on your right arm because it is easy to be unaware that you are burning while you are driving!

Click here for more sunsmarttats, facts + tips for women like this:
"Approximately 80% of the body's ageing process (wrinkles, blotchiness and sagging) can be attributed to sun damage. The skin of an 18-year-old Australian is comparable to that of a 30-year-old European woman, just because of the extreme nature of our climate."

To keep yourself beauty-wise this summer and your body lookin' fab during this hectic time of year, check out the links below.

Hands + Feet - for polished perfection try mecca's nail bar: super quick Express Rescue Treat for hands or the deluxe Prim and Proper full pedicure
Legs - for speedy hair removal visit your local Ella Bache salon, and to prevent reaction after hair removal if your skin is sensitive try EB's Intex #2 crème.
Hair - strengthen tortured hair with some TLC, the Kusco Murphy range will tame and treat your tresses making them healthy and manageable.
Skin - a truly divine treat - a holistic facial that works from the inside-out
Face - the hippest makeover tips and pics - how to look like a glowingly gorgeous desert goddess @ your next party
Body + Soul: Try a Christmas Bliss Package from Monkey Studios

If your budget is a bit tight this year, create your own spa experience in the comfort of your lounge room - spend an evening with the girls and have a girly pampering fest! Do your own mani + pedi, mini-facial + add a hair mask. Light a few candles, play some soothing music, treat your soul to lots of laughter, and relax with good friends!

Wishing you peace, happiness and all things beautiful this Christmas

- Bella

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