High Demand for Healthy Eating Out Solutions

High Demand for Healthy Eating Out Solutions

High Demand for Healthy Eating Out Solutions

By Popular Demand Bodytrim extend their sell out range of cuisine guides.

When Geoff Jowett created his range of Cuisine Guides for Weight Loss as an addition to his successful Bodytrim system, he was keen to provide a solution to those who wanted to reach and maintain a healthy weight but not give up their social life. Even Geoff could not have anticipated how great the demand was! When French 4 Weight Loss, Greek 4 Weight Loss, Italian 4 Weight Loss and Thai 4 Weight Loss were launched 3 months ago, the books were a sell-out success. The Bodytrim website was also bombarded with question about other cuisine styles and which food choices were best in these. Demand was so high that Bodytrim have no launched an additional four books in the 4 Weight Loss series dealing with Chinese, India, Spanish and Middle Eastern cuisines.

With thanks to Zilver in China Town, Kazbah in Balmain, Nilgiris in St. Leonards and Velero in Woolloomooloo we are now about to offer Chinese 4 Weight Loss, Middle Eastern 4 Weight Loss, Indian 4 Weight Loss and Spanish 4 Weight Loss. Zilver has received great reviews by The Sun Herald, Sydney Magazine, Good Living and Australian Gourmet Traveller. Kazbah has been awarded 'Restaurant and Catering NSW- Best Specialty Restaurant' five times. Nilgiris won the 'Restaurant and Catering NSW- Best Indian' award in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. It also took out the prestigious 'Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide- Best India' award in 2003 and 2004. Open less than a year, Velero has received rave reviews from Best Restaurants and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Each cuisine guide (RRP: $34.95) contains:
  • An introduction to the cuisine- containing a general history, influences, traditional ingredients, flavourings, cooking methods and utensils used
  • Profile of a top restaurant and its head chef
  • A guide on adapting the cuisine to the three phases of the Bodytrim system- Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance and Free Day
  • Eating out tips
  • Testimonials
  • Recipes for delicious meals for the three Bodytrim phases
  • A bonus Eating Out 4 Weight Loss DVD

    Bodytrimis derived from basic hunter gatherer eating habits from thousands of years ago and is designed to educate people about the three W's of weight loss- What to eat, When to eat and Why. It is simple and easy to understand system outlining how to achieve fast and permanent weight loss, while also enjoying the normal everyday foods that most people enjoy.
    The program is designed by Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Geoff Jowett who has over fifteen years experience in the health and fitness industry, in consultation with Dr Vicky Hillier, a GP with over thirteen years experience in the management of obesity and related conditions.

    Bodytrim cuisine based guides to dining out and eating in for weight loss $34.95 and are available by calling 1300 66 44 80, by visiting www.bodytrim.com.au or from leading bookstores such as Angus & Robertson.

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