PC - Sacred

PC - Sacred
Genre: Action/RPG
Players: multiple
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment
Publisher: Encore Software Inc.

A world in turmoil. The forces of darkness have invaded the realm of the dying king Aarnum, plundering what was once a blooming kingdom. Orcs have crossed the southern borders, political intrigues are being conceived in a battle for the crown. Civil war is casting its dark shadows ahead. Meanwhile, Illith'Bah, the Sakkara demon conjured by the ruthless necromancer Shaddar is roaming the world, the dead crawling from their cold graves in his wake. Explore the world of Ancaria. Learn about its regions and unveil its secrets.

  • Six unique characters to choose from, differing in fighting style, special skills, magic and character design. Each character has a unique world start point.
  • Huge map to explore, at least 70% of the world can be explored at the start of the game, the rest gets unlocked during game.
  • Excellent sound to fully submerse the player in the game.
  • 30 missions and over 200 sub-quests to keep the determined adventurer going.
  • Can be a multi-player game over the internet or LAN.

    A quality game that stands up well next to the likes of Neverwinter Nights and Diablo II.

    The characters themselves have plenty personality, they give you a hard time if you are slow to make your move. The village children make frequent amusing comments. Navigation through the world is quite simple, with a compass on the main screen pointing you in the right direction for quests.

    The map is huge, and the scenery creativity appealing with rabbits and deer frequently running around the forest. Fog & rain are a realistic touch. Obtain a horse; improve your riding ability & horseback fighting technique to cover more ground effectively.

    Suitable for all levels of users, a pop up help screen appears earlier in the game and where necessary as the game progresses. An in-depth game that engrosses the player for hours.

    Hilton Rutgers
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