PC - Praetorians

PC - Praetorians
Genre: RPG
Developer: Pyro Studios

Praetorians is an epic real time strategy game set at the rise of the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar's drive to extend it's borders.

As a Roman general, you will travel 24 missions across the desert battlefields of Egypt, the frozen lands of the barbarian tribes, and to the heart of the empire itself - Italy.
  • Control three different civilisations, each featuring a unique set of troops and war marchines.
  • The terrain and landscape play a major part in battle. Your enemy will understand each situation's defensive and offensive possibilities - will you.
  • Compete for the honour of Rome with up to 8 generals over lan or internet.

    Your destiny awaits on the battlefield, you must employ cunning military operations as the lands you seek to conquer are heavily defended by thousands of powerful troops.

    Feed your insatiable hunger to rule the empire with this combat-heavy adventure inspired by the historical battles of Julius Caesar. Command the forces of not only the Romans, but also the ferocious Gauls, and the religiously fanatical Egyptians. Your road to victory depends on strong strategic skills learning to combine units and exploit the enemys weakness is key.

    Played out in jaw-dropping 3D visuals from the immense scale of the pyramids right down to the individual centurion Praetorians is stunning in its detail, scale and beauty. Incredibly intuitive, Praetorians allows skilled strategy gamers and beginners alike to fully immerse themselves in the story with absolute ease.

    Do not install this unless you have the time to play it. It's a powerful game that will draw you in and nothing else will matter. I repeat do not install.


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