Food Safari Series 3

Food Safari Series 3

Food Safari Series 3

Volume 3 of 3

Producer/Director : Toufic Carabati
Producer/Writer : Maeve O'Meara
Disc : 2
Genre: Special Interest
Rated: G
Running Time: 225 minutes

Guest appearances in Series 3 include:
Martin Boetz - Longrain
Sean Connolly - Astral, Sean's Kitchen
George Francisco - Jonah's
Matthew Kemp Balzac, The Burlington
Amal Malouf - Arabesque
Ramy Megalaa - Tagine
Jeremy Strode - Bistrode
Jason Aghamri - Vatan Restaurant

A journey within your very own kitchen, making the exotic familiar

SBS's highly acclaimed, hugely popular show Food Safari is back. With flavours and recipes ranging across five continents of the world, Series 3 of Food Safari opens with the colourful and vibrant cooking of South America, then travels on to discover some of the fascinating dishes from Africa and on to some of the best food finds from the Middle East, Europe and North America. It's so delicious you can almost smell it off the screen.

Host Maeve O'Meara treks deep into our cities and suburbs to uncover the very best food and culture from chefs and home cooks who share their favourite recipes and cooking tips.

"In many ways Series 3 is even more exciting as we explore the less travelled culinary road and find some absolute gems - and I'm talking both dishes and people. From the belly dancing Egyptian cook to the wisecracking mustachioed German brothers; the Eritrean freedom fighter turned restaurant chef to the tango dancing couple who just love to put on traditional asado barbecues. I've had those great moments where I get prickles up my spine when I've stepped into an Ethiopian bakery turning out traditional injera bread in the Melbourne suburbs, or down into the depths of a cellar where German sauerkraut is fermenting; or joining countless wonderful families who have generously allowed us into their homes to be part of their delicious feasts - we are truly blessed and this latest series will both make people hungry and touch their hearts.

Throughout nine half-hour episodes, Food Safari explores the top ingredients from some of the world's most fascinating cuisines and features recipes that are both delicious and achievable for the home-cook. Many of the recipes are from cooks who are legends in their own communities and who have never appeared on television before. Others are top chefs who share with us their secrets. Look out for the most spectacular Black Forest cake by chef Martin Boetz from Longrain Sydney and Melbourne, better known for his take on Thai food but for Food Safari going back to his days in his grandma's kitchen; Jeremy Strode's elegant Whiting Rollmops with beetroot pickles - a favourite dish at his Sydney restaurant Bistrode; the standout Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding from expatriate Yorkshireman Sean Connolly from Sean's Kitchen and Astral at Star City; Amal Malouf from Arabesque who makes sensational homemade baklava in the Syrian episode; a ruby masterpiece of a summer pudding from Matthew Kemp of Balzac and The Burlington in our English episode and Detlef Haupt from the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre who shares his Sauerbraten- marinated beef cooked in red wine and spices direct from his home in the Rhineland of Germany.

This latest voyage of culinary discovery takes viewers through South American cuisine, Egyptian, German, Persian, English, African, Syrian, the food of the United States of America and the Jewish diaspora.

Highlights include:
- Persia's traditional head and feet dish, Kaleh Pache, - a favourite weekend breakfast for those who know it;
- English fish and chips from glorious Kangaroo Island;
- Discovering Syrian mezza a generous spread of small dishes, considered the jewels of a Middle Eastern table;
- Going back in time to an American 50s diner;
- And Jewish chicken soup - learning how the make famous 'Jewish penicillin'

And watch out for these tastes:
- Peru's national dish, ceviche succulent raw fish marinated in fresh and tangy flavours
- Egyptian molokhia a soup to strengthen health and libido!
- Delicious German pork knuckle with all the trimmings
- English old favourite, the pork pie
- Ethiopia's injera, its much-loved sour pancake
- Kibbeh, the delicate meat dish and one of Syria's favourites.

Food Safari is a visual feast, a foodie's dream and a celebration of the evolving and exciting world of Australian food.

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