Eureka Spelling Home Tutor

Eureka Spelling Home Tutor

Eureka Spelling Home Tutor

Ages 5 to 12

Spelling Tutor is a highly effective program designed to help students increase spelling ability through interactive drill and practise methods.

Spelling lists can be created and assigned by parents and teachers or automatically generated by the program. An option is also available to create spelling lists containing any problem words encountered for future revision.

Learning is enhanced through highly interactive games designed to reinforce lessons, track progress and help identify problem words.

Spelling Home Tutor Features:
* Contains 1000's of pre-recorded spelling words and sentences.
* Ability to add and record new words and sentences.
* Ability to create custom word lists to follow school spelling lists.
* Ability to create flash cards and printed spelling lists for written practise and revision.
* Identifies problem words from past attempts and creates problem word lists.
* 10 highly interactive games to track progress and reinforce outcomes. * Ability to download free topic lists via the Internet.

Review: Spelling doesn't need to be boring, this is an excellent incentive for those how love computers (and let's face it, that's most children) to learn in a fun environment. Perfect for the early primary school years as not only does it have 1000's of pre-recorded words, but you can record new words that teachers or parents may have highlight that children have trouble with.

Eureka Spelling Home Tutor
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