Estee Lauder Beautiful

Estee Lauder Beautiful

Estee Lauder Beautiful

A Fragrance for the Most Beautiful Moments in Your Life

Mystery and Magic
To speak of fragrance is to recall mystery and magic. It is poetry...invisible, stimulating and cerebral in its effect. Powerful in the sensuous allusions of its chemistry.

Beautiful is in concept absolute; it is an ultimate. Mrs Estée Lauder had always said that before she began the process of creating a fragrance, she must first "see" it. It's in Beautiful that she saw "a woman's warmth, her charm, her personal appeal and her new confidence about herself."

To achieve this exquisite expression of femininity, Mrs Lauder blended a sensuous melange of more than 2000 flowers in 19 varieties with citrusy notes and velvety warm woods and spices.

"Part of the mystery and magic", said Mrs Lauder "is that the fragrance named itself. Whenever I sprayed it on someone, she would say "Beautiful" was the perfect word to describe it.

To create Beautiful, Mrs Lauder combined many delicate, precious and exotic florals to obtain the top note. Among the most important are Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, from Morocco and Egypt, Carnation, from France, Tuberose and Orange Flower.

The middle notes contain a blend of Thyme and Sage Sclaree and finally, the long-lasting background accord features Vetiver, from Sri Lanka, Patchouli, Oakmoss, originating from lichen grown on oak trees in the former Yugoslavia, Olibanum and Myrrh.

These are only a few of the many ingredients which Mrs Lauder blended to form Beautiful. There are more than 2000 flowers in every ounce of this exquisite fragrance.

The birth of a fragrance is not always an easy one. Mrs Lauder worked on Beautiful for four years. It had to be perfect. It had to be beautiful.

To house her glorious fragrance, Mrs Lauder chose a sensuously structured flacon that is easy for a woman to grasp and hold. The outer packaging is "pink" emblazoned with a shimmering burnished gold cartouche, inspired by ancient gold in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Pink is a beautiful and glowing colour. It is romantic, lyrical...but daring and very feminine as well.

"The colour as well as the fragrance says so much about a woman", Mrs Lauder continued. "It's a tribute to vitality, to a youthful anticipation... to hopeful beginnings. In short, it's simply Beautiful".

Suggested Retail Prices:
NEW 50ml EDT Spray: RRP $100
30ml EDP Spray: RRP $90
50ml EDP Spray: RRP $130
100ml EDP Spray: RRP $165
Perfumed Body Powder: RRP $80
Perfumed Body Lotion 250ml: RRP $85
Perfumed Body Crème 200ml: RRP $100
Bath & Shower Gel 200ml:RRP $65

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