Do At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work?

Do At-Home LED Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work?

32-year old Ashley was growing sick and tired of having to hide her grin in public. Simple things like laughing at a funny joke or getting clicked for whatever reason would throw her in a panic mode. The reason? Her yellowing teeth. But she's not alone. Most people perceive stained and yellow teeth as major causes of embarrassment. No wonder, teeth whitening has now become the top dental concern.

But honestly, who has the time (or money) to invest in pricey teeth whitening procedures? That's where at-home teeth whitening kits come into the picture. Some of these products often produce just as good, if not better, outcomes when used as recommended. However, what's catching our attention lately is LED teeth whitening. Shots of celebs using at-home, light-based whitening kits raging all over Instagram got us wondering if LED teeth whitening really works. Well, one study shows it does. Titled Light Augments Tooth Whitening With Peroxide, the research concludes that 'light can increase the tooth-whitening effect of peroxide, thereby increasing the effectiveness of tooth-whitening procedures."

The 'Science" Behind It

Basically, at-home LED whitening kits mimic the technology used by many dentists in their in-office whitening treatments. In this process, the dentist applies a specific concentration of teeth whitening gel on patient's teeth and then, focuses a blue light or laser beam on the gel-covered area. This activates the bleaching gel, speeds up the oxidisation reaction, and whitens the teeth. The process can take nearly an hour to finish.

At-Home LED Teeth Whitening: The Cost-Effective Cousin of In-Office Treatments

The laser or LED light allows better absorption of the whitening agent and accelerates the whole process, making it faster and more effective than normal teeth whitening procedures. To achieve desired results through this process, you have to pay multiple visits to your dentist. This may be problem for those with a busy schedule. But the main issue with in-office LED teeth whitening is the cost. Just one teeth whitening session at your dentist's office can cost you anywhere between $300 and $600. Plus, when you consider the total number of sessions required for the whole process (which varies from case to case), the price tag can quickly escalate to over $1000.

On the other hand, at-home LED whitening kits are an excellent option for anyone not wanting to fork out thousands for dental teeth whitening. What about effectiveness and safety?"we hear you ask. Luckily, many good at-home LED whitening brands have addressed those concerns. One such product is Love My Teeth home whitening kit. The kit contains the strongest at-home teeth whitening formula and claims to make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter in a week. At the same time, it's FDA-approved, which means it's certified to be safe-for-use and won't damage your teeth.

Another big advantage of at-home whitening kits is, they allow users to whiten their teeth at home in a way that suits their busy schedule.

So if you find stains and yellowing teeth crushing your confidence and are looking for a convenient teeth whitening option, inexpensive at-home LED whitening kits may be a good place to start. Remember to check for certifications and product safety information before zeroing in on any home whitening kit. If you aren't happy with the results, you can always turn to your dentist for more elaborate whitening procedures.