7 Things To Incorporate Into Your Spring Beauty Regime

7 Things To Incorporate Into Your Spring Beauty Regime

7 Things To Incorporate Into Your Spring Beauty Regime


With Spring just around the corner, it is definitely time to spruce up that beauty regime of yours! As we say goodbye to a harsh winter and hello to the crisp and beautiful air of Spring, it becomes necessary to go through a bit of a beauty overhaul when our make up, skin and hair is in dire need of a beauty revamp. Our list of 7 Things To Incorporate Into Your Spring Beauty Regime will keep you looking your best and you'll be the envy of all your friends, so keep on reading!


Moisturise Like There Is No Tomorrow!


After some very harsh and drying weather in the winter, it is crucial to rebuild our skin and replenish the moisture that was lost during all those months. This is where moisturising comes to the rescue. Always choose products that double up as both a moisturiser and a skin protectant. Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil work as fantastic emollients that trap moisture inside skin cells whilst keeping your skin hydrated. Also keep an eye out for Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids, which help replenish dry and damaged skin. A great tip is to cover your face in Virgin Coconut Oil before you go to bed for natural and supple skin all day long.


It's Time To Get Rid Of The Winter Fuzz


Most women admit to really relish the fact that in Winter, shaving is one of the last things on their agendas. With Spring around the corner, the time has come for us to fight that fuzz! In preparation for Summer, why not book in a laser hair removal treatment for areas such as your underarms and legs. This will this keep you looking smooth for the rest of the year, enabling you to cross out the tedious worry of shaving off your list!


Don't Forget The SPF


Although sunscreen is something that we should all be using year round, now that the weather is warmer, it is likely that we will all be outdoors more, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. This puts an extra emphasis on the need for sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's rays. Always keep an eye out for non-chemical sunscreens with ingredients such as titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, as these do not react with skin the way more harsh chemicals do.


Get On Those Hair Oils & Serums


A lot of us sometimes tend to accidentally neglect our hair when it comes to our beauty regimes. Oils are a great way to keep hair healthy during those rainy spring days that tend to turn our hair into frizz balls. Keratin Oil is a fantastic choice for those with coarser and thicker hair, whilst Argan Oil is a great option for those with thinner or finer hair. Another option to fight the frizz is to purchase and use anti-frizz serums that you apply to damp hair after your morning shower.


Start Using A Facial Cleansing Brush


If you haven't already jumped on the facial cleansing brush bandwagon, it's time to start now. With Winter being harsh on the skin, now is the perfect time to add a facial cleansing brush to your beauty routine. These brushes repair and prepare your skin for the light and breezy spring weather. One of our favourites is the Clarisonic Facial Brush that many women swear by.


Keep Makeup Light And Natural


Keeping your makeup light and natural is key in Spring - Winter has finally come to an end and it is now time to allow your skin to breathe that fresh air. This cannot be achieved if you have a full face of caked on makeup, so remember to keep it light! Use light coverage foundations, light eye makeup and lip glosses instead of heavy foundations and lip color. Your skin will thank you for it. As always, ensure you remove your make up at the end of the day, regardless of the season!


Treat Yourself To A Fresh Haircut and Colour


After months of hiding your hair under beanies and hoods, the time has finally come to let those locks out for the world to admire. What better a time than Spring to get some new highlights put into your hair or even just get a completely fresh and new hair cut? Spring is the start of new beginnings, so treat yourself! Struggling for ideas? Check out these 2016 Spring Hair Trends.


By incorporating these 7 tips into your Spring Beauty Regime, we are sure that you'll be the envy of everyone around you! Goodbye harsh winter, hello Spring!