Dieting and Beyond

Hello Ladies - and gents for that matter - as I have had the pleasure of communicating with a few. It's great to have the 'weaker'sex log on to

One of the most asked questions from those who want to shape up for summer - or life for that matter - is; "Which diet is the best?" My reply is, there is no "best" diet. In fact, using the word 'diet' is the first mistake people make. Instead it should be replaced with 'health and well being plan'. The best 'health and wellbeing plan' is one that combines healthy eating and exercise - simple!

However, if it were that simple our book shelves wouldn't be plagued with hundreds of books on this diet and that diet and 'how to lose weight while you sleep diet", 'stand on your head and lose weight diet', yadda, yadda, yadda!!

We are a society obsessed with diets, none of which really work, hence why, ironically, we are becoming an overweight population. Some diets are worthy for getting you kick started, but most are unrealistic, if not impossible to maintain over a lifetime.

The most prevalent problem with diets and dieting is that when you have reached your goal weight, they do not educate you with a maintenance program and therefore you go back to eating as you did before. This is the classic yo-yo diet and makes weight management companies and authors of fad diet books very, very rich!!

I have said it before and will say it again, all you need is three things.

1. Eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and fish - less red meat.

2. Substitute traditionally high fat products with low-fat
alternatives:- milk, cheese, dressings, ice-cream, etc.

3. Embark and stick to a 4-day a week (at least) high to medium
impact exercise schedule:- jogging, walking, aerobics, etc

Angie K - caring for your health and well being


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