David Jones Gardenia & Tuberose

David Jones Gardenia & Tuberose
The new David Jones Signature Scents range brings the soft perfumes of the gardenia and tuberose from the garden into your home. The range comprises of three products in both gardenia and tuberose fragrances - an Eau De Toilette, a Shimmer Body Lotion and a Bath and Shower Gel.

The Bath and Shower Gel moisturises the skin as they lather into a rich foam which soothes and nourishes. The Gels can be added to a steaming bath to eradicate the stresses of a hard day, or used each morning in the shower to calm and relax before taking on the outside world.

After bathing massage the Shimmer Body Lotion into the skin to leave it silky smooth with a healthy glow. The slight shimmer will add to your skins radiance and make it appear yourthful and dewy.

Complete with a spritz of the subtle eau de toilette fragrance to leave you refreshed and smelling of aromatic gardenia or sensuous tuberose. The Eau De Toilette also makes a delightful room spray.

Bath & Shower Gel, RRP $16.95
Shimmer Body Lotion, RRP $16.95
Eau De Toilette, RRP $24.95

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