Get your nose around Aromatherapy

Get your nose around Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy has existed for centuries, with its origins dating back almost 5000 years. Ancient civilisations developed an early understanding of the benefits of plants and herbs and relied on their oils to heal the body and help promote different states of mind.

Today, the practice of aromatherapy is still extremely popular, as modern science continues to discover the positive emotional and physical effects of natural oils and remedies. Research has shown that aromas have a distinct affect on the body and the mind. The scents from essential oils are believed to trigger a response from the part of the brain associated with emotions and memory.

Aromatherapy is now used as a complimentary treatment to modern medicine as people look to embrace a more holistic approach to their well-being. People can now experience the benefits of aromatherapy more then ever with greater accessibility to products like those in the aromatherapy range, such as moisturisers, home products, massage oils and beauty care which all use aromatherapy principles.

These are some commonly used essential oils found in aromatherapy products along with their benefits:

Lavender: Research has found that the lavender scent increases the alpha waves in the back of the head, which are associated with relaxation. It is also believed to enhance memory, aid insomnia, reduce anxiety and have a calming affect on users. Lavender has also been found to sooth burns on the skin.
Tea Tree: Tea Tree oil can act as a natural antiseptic and has been found to assist in healing minor burns, infections, ulcers, cuts and even acne. Its medicinal aroma can also act as a stimulant to energise and invigorate.

Ylang Ylang (1st Grade): The exotic floral aroma of Ylang Ylang (1st Grade) is sometimes used to combat depression by promoting feelings of euphoria. It is also believed to help users de-stress, become less irritable and ease anxiety. Ylang Ylang is also thought to have particular physical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and aiding the stimulation of new skin and hair growth.

Geranium: Like Tea Tree, Geranium oil is sometimes used as a mild antiseptic that can help to heal minor burns, cuts and infections. It has also been shown to benefit skin conditions, in particular teenage acne, by supporting the epidermis. Massage oil infused with Geranium can act as a perfect 'soother' for symptoms of period pain and menopause while the aroma is thought to have both an energizing and relaxing effect.

Orange: Orange essential oil can have an energising and stimulating effect on the mind which is used to help prevent lethargy. The fragrance is believed to clear and refresh the mind, lessen stress and decrease feelings of anxiety. The oil can also help the body in the production of collagen and stimulate circulation, which can help users to achieve younger and fresher looking skin.

Peppermint: The fresh aroma of Peppermint oil has been found to relieve tension and ease anger. It helps to invigorate the mind and can therefore assist tiredness. Peppermint oil is also used to ease muscular pain, tension and cramps and has been found to help with relieving headaches.

Enhance the feelings of 'Relaxation', 'Sensuality', 'Energise' and 'Sleep' through aromatherapy Lifestyle body care products, including natural soap bars, baths soaks, massage oils and hydrating body treatments.

Each of the Lifestyle Blends is colour coded, making the selection process easy. For products to help 'Relax' mind and body look for the green packaging. To spice things up in your love life look for red - 'Sensuality' products. For a kick-start in the morning, opt for 'Energise' products, which are sold in yellow packaging and to help you unwind at the end of the day look for blue products - which have been designed to help with 'Sleeping'.

Whatever the mood desired, the aromatherapy range is designed to make aromatherapy not only enjoyable but also practical and accessible. The easy to use and reasonably priced products are an everyday indulgence that will suit all lifestyles, while pampering the body, mind and spirit.

The entire aromatherapy range is available from Target stores nationally. For more information phone: 03 9384 6253.

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