Crazy Chicken Soccer

Crazy Chicken Soccer

It is for moments such as these that Moorhuhn Soccer was created - the ultimate aggression killer for stressed-out football fanatics!

At long last, here's your chance to bring some order to the pitch! Fire away at everything that's ever made you angry and keep training until you reach perfection!

You can upload your best achievements to our online high-score table at any time and compare your skills to those of thousands of football supporters from all around the world - Moor Kick is available in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German) and is distributed simultaneously to football fanatics and gamers everywhere!

Moor Kick - a great shoot-out on the pitch to kill your aggression. Yippeeeee ...

Power Goal - bicycle kicks don't have to lead to bruises, not when Moorhuhn is involved ...

masses of cool, exclusive bonus materials

great kicking and shooting fun galore

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