Clairol nice'n easy Romance Hair Colors

Clairol nice'n easy Romance Hair Colors
Introducing the new Golden Romance collection from Clairol Nice'n Easy - five golden shades for the warmer months. Ranging from medium blonde through to dark brown, there's a deliciously warm shade for everyone.

We asked Belinda Jeffreys, Australia's leading colourist, whose celebrity client list includes Sarah O'Hare, Megan Gale, Toni Colette and Russell Crowe, for her colour predictions for the upcoming months. "Right now haircolour is all about warmth", explained Belinda. "Cooler ash tones don't work as well against paler skin, so look for shades with a rich gold base".

It seems the upcoming season is all about brunettes. "I'm seeing a lot less blondes…", Belinda commented. 'It's definitely the brunettes who are leading the way. And the direction is coming from Hollywood - look at Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron and Brittany Murphy - they were all confirmed blondes who've now switched to beautiful rich, brunette shades".

The brown shades are where all the action is this season and Nice'n Easy's Golden Romance collection offers three beautiful colours to try at home - Natural Light Golden Brown, Natural Medium Golden Brown and Natural Dark Golden Brown. "I love these new browns", comments Belinda. They cover the spectrum from chestnut, through to mocha and mahogany. They're a great foil to creamy skin tones which means they suit most people in Australia, and because they contain Clairol's new ColourSeal Gloss conditioner, they're great for the hair, making it shiny and healthy, right through the six week colouring cycle".

Moving into the red shades, Belinda recommends looking for a brown-based shade. "Reds should be warm and tonal..." New from Nice'n Easy is Natural Lightest Golden Brown, a delicious auburn with a soft, natural hazelnut overtone. "This is a great shade for people who've had blonde highlights and want to move back to a more natural brown shade. The gold base in this colour will fill the bleached highlights, giving an all-over red-brown colour with natural looking variations", explains Belinda.

If you do want to stay blonde, Belinda recommends avoiding ash blondes which feel a little cool for this time of year. "Generally, blonde shades for spring are more solid shades, which reflect warm tones of strawberry, biscuit and caramel". The new Nice'n Easy Natural Medium Golden Blonde is a beautiful option. "This is a lovely golden hue", said Belinda. "It has built-in highlights of caramel and honey which are softly flattering to paler skin. I'd also recommend this shade if your hair has been over-bleached and stressed. Because of its gold base, it will soften and warm your haircolour, making it look shinier and healthier".

"Overall, these Nice'n Easy Golden Romance shades work beautifully because they're all so wearable. Having a gold base rather than red, they compliment the skin, optically help to smooth any blemishes and enhance your eye colour" said Belinda.


#104 Natural Medium Golden Blonde
#114A Natural Lightest Golden brown
#116A Natural Light Golden Brown
#117 Natural Medium Golden Brown
#120A Natural Dark Golden Brown

  • Permanent haircolour
  • 100% grey coverage
  • contains new ColourSeal Gloss - repeat applications of conditioner to give six weeks of freshly coloured hair
  • RRP $11.99 from supermarkets and pharmacies

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