Amazing Oils Vote Today

Amazing Oils Vote Today

Is Queensland The Home Of Australia's Favourite Family?

Amazing Oils, a family run and operated Sunshine Coast company specialising in magnesium chloride health solutions, is announced as 1 of 11 national finalists in Kochie's Business Builders' 2018 Favourite Family Business search.

Personally nominated by Sunrise host and entrepreneur, David Koch, Amazing Oils is recognised for their innovative research and application of naturally occurring magnesium from Australian salt lakes. Established in 2012 in response to a terminally ill family member, Amazing Oils has created an extensive range of topical pharmaceutical grade magnesium products designed to aid in the relief of pain associated with fitness related injuries, cramping, restless legs, insomnia, headaches, migraines, joint pain, PMT, mild skin irritations and stress.

Operated by family of four yoga teachers, Lee, Uma, Shalm and Grace Harold, Amazing Oils is stocked in over 3,000 retailers across the country and provides 15 in-house employment opportunities for local Queensland residents. In addition, Amazing Oils has also partnered with not-for-profit organisation, Endeavour Foundation, to create job prospects for people living with disabilities.

Spanning over 1 million unit sales since launch and over 1,000 positive reviews, Amazing Oils has donated hundreds and thousands of dollars, including product and hampers, to a range of causes and events including but not limited to: Children's Hospice Hummingbird House High Tea, Pink Ribbon Breakfast for Cancer Council, the annual Noosa Triathlon, Ironman Championships and Westpac's Massage on the Mountain.

Amazing Oils is also raising much needed funds for current and upcoming events including Cancer Council's Girls Night In, Movember, and the 2019 Costa Rica Trek.

"We feel honoured to be a finalist in Kochie's Business Builders' Favourite Family Business search," said Amazing Oils brand manager, Shalm Harold. "Regardless of the voting, we already feel like winners for having such loyal customers and being able to make a real change in the lives of so many Australians." According to Kochie's Business Builders, small businesses are the lifeblood of Australia's economy with approximately 70 percent, or 1.5 million, being run by local Australian families.

The winner of Kochie's Business Builders' Favourite Family Business is announced publicly on Tuesday, 4th December 2018 and will receive national exposure via a televised segment on Kochie's Business Builders, including invaluable business support by David Koch himself. To vote, Australians are encouraged to visit by Monday, 3rd December 2018.

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Interview with Shalm Harold, Brand Manager for Amazing Oils

Question: What is Amazing Oils?

Shalm Harold: We are an Australian, family-run company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We manufacture products for the Health, Wellbeing and Skincare.

Question: Can you tell us about the current range?

Shalm Harold: Most of our range focuses on the benefits of topical Magnesium. Otherwise, we like to focus on natural and organic active ingredients.

We have a total of 5 ranges:
1. NATURAL (Magnesium) Range
2. PRO Range
3. SKIN Range
5. BABY Range

Question: What inspired the creation of Amazing Oils?

Shalm Harold: In 2012 my Grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. While searching for something to help with the ramifications of chemotherapy, Lee Harold (Founder) found a substance called Magnesium Chloride (aka Magnesium Chloride) that has some pretty spectacular effects on the human body. Pretty soon after we discovered a pristine organic and natural source in the Australian desert underneath our salt lakes. At the time we were a family of yoga teachers however it became so popular however that we went from selling at our local market (Eumundi) and filling bottles on our kitchen counter to being stocked in over 3,000 retailers Australia wide and exporting to a number of other countries.

Question: Can you tell us about the positive effects applying topical magnesium products have on the body?

Shalm Harold: This is probably the most difficult question to answer because there are just so many benefits! A huge number of Australians are deficient in magnesium and over 80% of magnesium taken orally is often lost in the digestive process. Taking magnesium in topically (through the skin) has been shown to absorb much more effectively and also provide instant results. A lot of people use Magnesium Sprays whenever they have a cramp, a headache or a pain in the body (signs of magnesium deficiencies), however, these people are missing out on the huge array of benefits that magnesium provides when used every day as a supplement. That is why we recommend using 5-10 sprays a day.

Question: What conditions do Amazing Oils products aid in relieving?

Shalm Harold: The most popular uses of our Magnesium Pro Pain Relief Spray include assisting with cramping, restless legs (RLS), headaches, sleeping, aches, pains and muscle tension.

Question: Who should be using the Amazing Oils range?

Shalm Harold: Everyone, even your pets! Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body and is often overlooked. We don't get enough magnesium in our diets due to the Western soiling methods so a supplement is essential. You'll get an upset digestive system if you take too many magnesium tablets or too much powder, which is why using a magnesium spray liberally each day, is the best way to get a decent amount of magnesium into your system without the horrible effects of oral supplementation.

Question: How did it feel to be a finalist in Kochie's Business Builders' 2018 Favourite Family Business search?

Shalm Harold: It's a real honour to be a finalist for Australia's Favourite Family Business. Regardless of the voting, we already feel like winners for having such amazing customers and being able to have a real impact in the lives of so many Australians each and every day.

Question: Where do you source the naturally occurring magnesium found in the product range?

Shalm Harold: Underneath the Australian salt lakes is where the natural form of magnesium is sourced from. Unlike a lot of other magnesium companies popping up, we decided not to import salts to mix with water from Europe and Asia and our customers definitely appreciate the difference in quality and effect.

Question: What is next for Amazing Oils?

Shalm Harold: We feel responsible for providing our customers with the best quality service and products. We are looking into a range of other vitamins, minerals and plants to compliment our current range. We have also branched into natural evidence-based skincare which our customers absolutely love. We feel responsible for providing the best quality service and products. We have a very high standard and don't disregard the trust people have placed in us to help them with their health, wellbeing and beauty.

Interview by Brooke Hunter