Sharon Lee Master Eyebrow Artist Interview

Sharon Lee Master Eyebrow Artist Interview

A New Trend in Creating on Fleek Eyebrows

Eyebrow expert and celebrity brow artist Sharon Lee is Australia's leading Master Eyebrow Artist. Sharon Lee has been specialising in eyebrows for over 20 years and is obsessed by them, proving brow makeovers are nothing short of minor miracles.

Interview with Sharon Lee

Question: What is the next big trend in eyebrows?

Sharon Lee: Bleaching will be back. Only a shade or two lighter than the natural brow. Just taking the edge off and making the eyes the focal point of the face (not the brows). Brows still reasonably thick but structured. The idea of anything permanent out the window, semi-permanent will still on trend but lasts just 10-12 months. Misting is out the door!

Question: Can you talk us through a couple of your favourite brow makeovers?

Sharon Lee: JLo - Gwen Stefani come to mind. Their looks were very almost-80's siting too high on the face and too dark. Their brow makeovers see a much thicker, softer, lower and longer brow. Takes YEARS off their faces and so much more flattering overall.

Question: How has the eyebrow industry changed, over the past 20 years?

Sharon Lee: In every possible way. The public has come to understand the importance of it being a specialised field and justified the price point. There will always be a market for the $15 wax on/wax off however if you take your face seriously you'll be loyal to an expert on speed dial. Semi-permanent and permanent techniques have come into play along with ways to actually make the hair sit where and how we need it to (in the form of a tame) as well as the importance of home care as they grow out so quickly for most people. In addition men have become very aware and are now open minded and happily making their appointments for themselves.

Question: Which celebrities have you worked with, in the past, to create amazing on-trend brows?

Sharon Lee: Too many to mention and I hate to kiss and tell. However, some Aussie favourites include Deborah Lee Furness, Jesinta Campbell, Sarah-Jane Clarke, Zimmerman sisters, Sami Lukis, Chrissy Swan and many, many more.

Question: How will we all want our eyebrows to look, in 2019?

Sharon Lee: Less block and more natural! Gone are the days of block method tattooing and in comes thick but structured natural looking brows. More men are exploring bro-brow manscaping in a big way; done but not looking done, merely cleaned up and de-bulked.

Question: Is it possible after years of waxing to recreate an untouched eyebrow look?

Sharon Lee: Totally depends on the individual as in many cases they don't grow back or come in where we don't need them. There are a number of things we can implement, apply or recommend to encourage growth. There is a real knack to filling them in properly too, so a lesson goes a long way.

Question: Is there a secret product, we can use, to encourage eyebrow hair growth?

Sharon Lee: Many and they vary depending on skin type, age, condition and circumstance. In short, the recommendation varies.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Sharon Lee: No one day is like the next. Some days are 30 clients deep. If we are touring the time allocations differ as often there are clients we've not seen before or their growth is heavy as it's been a while since we were in their city. I like to start early 4:30am every day checking email and communicating with our US based product developers and partners. My son is up just before 7am so I then turn on Mummy-mode. After the school run I start working with my Sydney HQ admin team irrespective of whether I'm at home, in store or across the planet. Client days are fabulous as we're all face to face and doing what we do best. We genuinely care for each other and our days are filled with belly laughs, hard work and lots of team work. On Saturdays we cater lunch for everyone and it could be anything from a sushi spread to a fully-fledged hot and cold platter - it's like a family gathering.

Interview by Brooke Hunter