Yves Saint Laurent Revolution, Saharienne and L'Homme Libre

Yves Saint Laurent Revolution, Saharienne and L'Homme Libre

Yves Saint Laurent Revolution, Saharienne and L'Homme Libre

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain: Revolution
Colour. Shine. Hold. A lip colour revolution.
Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain. The answer for women who want it all. Those who refuse to compromise. Women who want to have lips infused with the most gorgeous colours and a totally new kind of shine. Reveal the true beauty of their lips with sublime sophistication and transparency. Not exactly lipstick, not exactly gloss, so much more than a simple lip stain, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain is a whole new way to make up lips.

A technological breakthrough, Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain is a must-have with an exceptional hold. Fresh and light, the texture does not run, streak or fade. Lips show off a new kind of shine, they are infused with colour. The pleasure is reinforced by an extraordinary feeling of comfort.

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain. The ultimate weapon in the game of seduction. The effect goes on and on with no undercoat and no sticky feeling.

The revolutionary application you expect from YSL. Yves Saint Laurent has always proposed new make-up rituals and gestures offering visionary responses to a way of life and beauty. Touché Éclat is a perfect example. And it's with this same passion and desire that Yves Saint Laurent has created Rouge Pur Couture.

Glossy Stain.
Unrestrained inspiration. A little poem written in the colour of seduction.
Define your lips the way you dream of your life. In colour and according to your mood.

Positively mouth-watering. It looks fresh and the freshness goes on and on. It has the hold of a stain. It is light and comfortable. Supple and ultra shiny. Gossamer. The texture of Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain is innovative, surprising. Lustrous and luminous.

Technology serving colour: how to give lips both colour and transparency? Colour that stays put? And enhances the lips' natural radiance? Sophisticated color that easily adapts to everyday life?
These questions led the way to a unique, revolutionary product: Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain, with a formula based on an all-new system called : "Lifeproof Colour Emulsion". For the very first time, ethylcellulose, an ultra-resistant polymer used in the agri-food sector to coat food and give it a tempting shine, has been blended with a perfectly matched emollient oil and a silicone oil, and emulsified in an aqueous base. On application, there's an incomparable feeling of softness and comfort on the lips. Then, the water evaporates to make way for a few drops of silicones to rise to the surface and form a glossy film of shine without any oily or sticky feeling. The lips radiate a new kind of shine.

The evaporation process continues and gathers the drops of oil together like a beehive, ensuring a truly resilient structure that is absolutely unique. It creates a long lasting film that provides genuine suppleness, comfort and hold. And thanks to the subtle dose of pigments and colouring agents, the formula provides rich intensity with no overload. The result: the sophistication of radiant colour that truly infuses the lips with a new shine. A feeling of a new glossy stain.

This dynamic formula is matched with an equally high-performance applicator. Its extra flat shape is ideal for even application. The fine tip produces an ultra-precise outline. And its specially designed and instantly recognizable slant lets you control the quantity for greater precision and ensures a better distribution of the colour.

"My inspiration is closely linked to the colour memory of the Maison Yves Saint Laurent, three notes of red, serving as top notes: red, orange and fuchsia. Other shades followed naturally, guided by a desire to accompany women every day: from which flowed the beiges and pinks that are to lipstick what a cashmere sweater is to a wardrobe. Something to put on and forget about. A range of 19 shades in all to accompany women's every emotion.
The technological constraints stimulated me. I recomposed a colour palette working hand in hand with the laboratories. In the end, we succeeded in making clear shades while only heavily pigmented colours seemed possible when we started the project.
Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain has it all: a technological innovation for colour that lasts and a new glossy effect. Shine combined with exceptional comfort. Leading edge technology serving women with the inimitable Yves Saint Laurent signature: magnifying the effect well beyond the moment. Offering them a choice, not dictating to them.
With Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain, women create their own ritual. She can choose the desired intensity for a daytime effect or a more mysterious night time look. Rich tones dominate with an eye on a long-lasting colour that remains airy-light and ultra elegant. Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain lets your lips shine without overdoing it. No sparkles, no gold highlights. Just pure colour on your lips.
With its flat, slanted and curved shape, the "couture" applicator ensures a clean, welldefined line. Which makes every woman her own make-up artist. By naturally offering her the best in the colours of her moods: a new ritual in her life." - Lloyd Simmonds - Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain
N4 Mauve Pigmente
N6 Camel Croisere
N 7 Corail Aqutique
N 8 Orange De Chine
N 9 Rouge Laque
N 10 Rough Philtre
N12 Corail Fauve
N 15 Rose Vinyl
N 16 Pourpre Preview
N 17 Encre Rose
N 18 Rose Pastelle
N 19 Beige Aquarelle
RRP $50

Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne
The promise of an unforgettable journey, of uninhibited adventures.
The evocation of a blazing sun, the star at its zenith reflected in the blinding sand.
The intoxicating air fans her impetuous nature and heightens every sensation.
A mirage with intense powers of attraction. White sun, incandescent dunes.
A woman at one with the elements. A fusion that is passionate, a rapturous embrace.
Her skin shivers under the exquisite coolness of the air, her eyes blinded by the burning sun.
Incarnating a feline femininity of feverish desires, she radiates sensuality.
Yves Saint Laurent dedicates his first eau, flamboyantly fresh, to this sensual heroine.
A source of freedom, radiant and audacious, of which she has always dreamed to express her animal nature.

Loyal to the fragrance vision of Yves Saint Laurent, Saharienne reinvents freshness in a completely new form. Provocative, it breaks with the codes and mixes extreme temperatures, from soaring radiance to airy incandescence.

The call of pleasure. Like an invitation bursting with freshness.
It opens with Primo Fiore lemon, Italian bergamot and mandarin zests. The bitter sweetness of crushed orange leaves is enlivened by a burst of green notes. Sunnyfloral and salty accords are galvanised by the insolence of pink pepper berries and ginger.
An invitation to the voyage created by Carlos Benaïm and Anne Flipo (IFF).

Saharienne EDT 50ml RRP $99
Saharienne EDT 75ml RRP $120
Saharienne EDT 125ml RRP $165

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Libre
It takes a free man to express his passion and communicate his energy.
Free to follow the rhythm of life but change the tempo at a moment's notice.
Free to take responsibility for his choices, with complete serenity, in the heart of the city.
A moment of surprise, imbued with happiness.
A Free Man. A state of mind. A contemporary fragrance.

Benjamin Millepied lends his creative energy and luminous charm to L'HOMME LIBRE, the third olfactive opus for men, from the house of Yves Saint Laurent.
Two perfumers, Olivier Polge in Paris and Carlos Benaïm in New York, created L'Homme Libre, the newest facet of L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Together, they have reinterpreted the territory of woody aromatics by adding a fresh modernity to the fragrance.
After a hesperide opening featuring Calabrian bergamot, the fragrance reveals a new freshness enhanced by violet leaves, basil and star anis, and enlivened with a shiver of nutmeg and pink pepper. The woody architecture of patchouli and vetiver anchors the accord in a sparkling, masculine register, while the scent of resin and warm leather flows like a warm breeze through the heart of the city.
A fragrance resolutely modern, subtle and yet very present, expressing power and freedom. The elegance of a classic structure in tension with an unexpected, fresh aquatic touch.

L'Homme Libre 60ml EDT RRP $100
L'Homme Libre 100ml EDT RRP $135

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