Why Diffuse?

Why Diffuse?

Transform your Living Space with Oil Garden's Range of Smart, Decor-Friendly Aromatherapy Accessories

Enjoy the therapeutic, restorative and ambient benefits of essential oils with Oil Garden's collection of ultrasonic diffusers and modern aromatherapy accessories.

Oil Garden vaporisers and diffusers offer a safe, mess-free and pleasant way to enhance and transform any room with the captivating scent of your favourite essential oils.

"Diffusing your favourite peo's is guaranteed to provide pleasure to the senses with the added benefit of improving overall health and wellbeing. Breathing in a few drops can soothe, excite and lift moods in seconds.

Diffusers are so versatile because unlike vaporisers which require heat to operate, diffusion relies on ultrasonic technology to release the oil particles into the air. This way you get to experience your favourite essential oil in its purest form. At the same time diffusing comes with the added benefit of getting rid of airborne impurities which are circulating to provide a pure germ free environment.

So, a good quality diffuser can diffuse or vaporise the oils into the surrounding air and humidify a room by releasing moisture into the air. Diffusion is the modern day term for vaporisation and with modern day technology that does not require heat – electric or candle"- Pat Princi-Jones, Oil Garden Aroma Specialist and Educator.

Instantly refresh and cleanse your living and working spaces by adding just a few drops of your favourite Oil Garden essential oils to one of Oil Garden's Smart-technology accessories.

The range includes:

Oil Garden Smart Vaporiser & Humidifer
RRP: $119.99
Oil Garden's Smart Vaporiser and Humidifier has been designed for naturally effective day and night relief to assist with: cold & flu, sleep, headaches, hayfever and energy.

• Smart Technology app control
• Bluetooth speaker-compatible speaker with music streaming apps
• Timer and alarm settings
• Up to 15 hour run time

Oil Garden Bamboo Ultra Sonic Vaporiser
RRP: $59.99

The Oil Garden Bamboo Ultra Sonic Vaporiser is safe, effective and pleasant way to use pure essential oils both therapeutically and for creating ambience.

• USB and power adaptor
• Multi colour LED lighting
• Bamboo finish
• Three hour run time

Oil Garden Ultrasonic Diffuser
RRP: $29.99
This diffuser has been designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water rather than heat, leaving the unit cool to touch and safe to use in any setting.

• Safe and cool to touch
• Five to six hour run time
• Auto switch off
• USB connector

Oil Garden Baby Cloud Vaporiser
RRP: $39.99
The Oil Garden Baby Cloud Vaporiser provides the purest way to release the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils to benefit the whole family.

• Multi night-light setting
• 3 hours run time
• Whisper quiet
• USB power cord
• No heat, candles or chemicals

Oil Garden is Australian-owned, 100 percent Vegan and not tested on animals. Oil Garden products are available nationally through selected health food stores, pharmacies and online via https://www.oilgarden.com.au


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