Vet Pet Nintendo DS Game

Vet Pet Nintendo DS Game
Become a veterinarian and nurse all the pets back to health!

You're a fully trainied vet in a brand new vet practice and your skills are needed to take special care of all the sick animals in the area. Treat the friendly Labrador that has been hurt by a car or the sleepy turtle who has gone off his food. All the animals need your love and care - it's up to you to bring them back to health.

The scenarios have all been written by real-life vets, it's your chance to take charge and take care of the animals in your brand new practice.

Key Features
Realistic 3D graphics
Cases written by real-life vets
Ask the pet owners questions, diagnose the problems and use realistic medical instruments to treat the animals
Change bandages, administer their treatment and pamper them
Improve your knowledge of animals and become the #1 pet vet
30 poor pets need your care!
3 difficulty levels
Fun quizzes to test your knowledge

Review: What young girl, (or boy) didn't grow up wanting to be a vet, Nintendo DS Pet Vet is clever, detailed and lots of fun, bringing out the child in all animal lovers.

Rating: G
Ages: 8-80 year old
RRP: $49.95

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