Crazy Pig Nintendo DS Game

Crazy Pig Nintendo DS Game

Take back the farm and Hog all the fun!

Meet Crazy Pig!

This fearless farmyard freedom fighter has decided to gain some revenge on the crafty wolf that's been hanging around the sty - and this is one ham-fisted port product that plays dirty! Crazy Pig needs your help to clean up the farm and drive that nasty wolf away!

He also has attitude and prefers to bath and play in the dirt rather than help you clean up the farm. He also eats like a pig and loves strawberry jam.

Key Features
Mixture of Nintenpigs with lots more fun and humour
Crazy Pig is really dirty and naughty - you need to take control!
Two parts to the game
Piglet raising - care and raise your piglet the way you like
7 mini games - earn points to unlock even more games. Feed, dress and keep your piglet happy!
Hunger, thirst, cleanliness & happiness: to counter these influences you need to take care of your pig by feeding, bathing and dressing it up!
Plenty of piggy accessories to take care of Crazy Pig - more soap than mud please!
Olym-pig games! Seasonal events keep Crazy Pig occupied all year long!

Review: Crazy Pig is fun for all, and totally addictive. Great mix of game entertainment with humour that kids love.

Rating: G
Ages: 6-15 years
RRP: $49.95

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