Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Fake Tan

Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Fake Tan

It's now common knowledge that laying out in the sun can cause aging, wrinkles, skin damage and cancer. So how can you achieve that healthy, glowing tan without damaging your skin? Why, fake tan of course! Now, you're probably having mental flashes of burnt orange skin or streaky tan marks. That's why we've put together 5 tips to ensure you are looking your best on both the inside and out!

1. Preparation is key
Like preparing a canvas for painting, it's important your skin is in the right condition for the tan to be applied. This requires your skin to be clean and exfoliated. You can buy exfoliating gloves from most supermarkets and chemists, and it's best to use these in conjunction with an exfoliating scrub with microbeads. This combination of products ensures that the dead skin is thoroughly removed. After this, it's key to moisturise areas that tend to get dry, such as knees and elbows. This means that the tan will go on smoothly over all areas of your skin.

2. Choose the right tan for you
With the plethora of fake tanning options available these days, it's crucial that you take the time to choose the best spray tanning solution for your needs. For a face fake tan, it's best to use a light, non-greasy fake tan that builds colour gradually over time. Regarding your body, for normal skin, it's better to use a mousse or a gel. For dry skin, however, lotions and oils are preferred. With all products, it's best to go for a tinted product with bronzer, so you can see how thick and evenly you're applying your tan. If you don't want to apply the tan yourself, a spray tanning solution is always a great option. This means the coverage on your whole body is stellar, as you have an experienced professional applying the tan for you.

3. Take care with application
Of course there are going to be some hard to reach places, such as your back, that perhaps won't have the most even fake tan application. If you don't have someone around that can help you, it's best to use a spray-on fake tan for these areas. Work in sections, to ensure you are thoroughly and evenly coating the skin. Handy tip: if you want to look extra toned in one area, apply more tan than other areas.

4. Moisturise and maintain
To keep your tan lasting as long as it possibly can, it's vital to maintain it well. Remember that water is your enemy! Take short showers, and avoid swimming or wet weather. After you shower, make sure you pat yourself dry, don't rub, as this will rub off the tan. It's also important to apply a moisturising tan-extender daily. You can buy these from most chemists, supermarkets and department stores, where you'd usually find your favourite fake tan brand.

5. Other options
If staying out of the water doesn't suit your lifestyle, there are a range of other, non-committal options you can choose from. For example, bronzing makeup can give you an instant, radiant glow. There are a wide selection of both face and body bronzing products available on the market today, in sprays, creams, oils and powders. The world is your tanning oyster!

Don't waste time and deteriorate your health by laying out in the sun to achieve that perfect tan. Take in these five helpful tips to ensure you can have a beautiful, natural, long lasting fake tan that will have everyone fooled!