Sculpt It Capri Pants

Sculpt It Capri Pants

An Australian first is set to smooth and shape any lump or bumps and have you looking trim, taut and terrific in whatever outfit you wish to wear. As most of us feel we don't have the perfect figure, there are often a few seasonal trends we tend to avoid. Well girls, avoid no more, the latest innovation in department stores and boutiques around the nation is the unique Sculpt It Capri Pants.

The Sculpt It range now looks after all the body enhancing needs. The latest addition to the range, Sculpt It Capri Pants, offers a new level of body shaping, firming and toning of the tummy, tightening of the bottom and smoothing out the contours of the hips and thighs. It's an instant nip and tuck without surgery.

Sculpt It Capri Pants also takes care of those dreaded V.P.L. (Visible Pant Lines). Smooth, sexy and sleek is the ultimate result underneath pants, skirts or dresses. The footless sheer leg finishing mid-calf makes it a cool option to wear under most outfits making it perfect for any shoe style.

Not only will you have an overall slimmer, toned look with no lines just curves, it is also the most comfortable body-shaping product available. Developed for real women, Brand Manager, Laura McDonald said that Sculpt It Capri Pants is about pure confidence, "We created the Sculpt It Capri Pants for women who wanted a sleeker look, 12 months of the year. We have given all women a chance to wear what they really want to and to feel fabulous about doing it."

Sculpt It has a complete line of essential smoothing options, offering an invisible look under any outfit. The Sculpt It Capri Pants by Kolotex is available in black and natural beige for $15.95 from all leading department stores & boutiques.