Scholl 'Pescura' Is Back as the 'IT' Sandal of the Summer

Scholl 'Pescura' Is Back as the 'IT' Sandal of the Summer
Having first emerged in the sixties with Twiggy, and going on to become a fashion 'must have' in the late seventies and early eighties, the 'Pescura' Sandal by Scholl has once again returned, having reached cult status in Europe and North America throughout the summer season of 2003.

First designed in Milan, Italy, and still manufactured in Europe today, the 'Pescura' is not just built for looks and comfort. The design is crafted to provide balanced foot support, while its unique 'exercise while you work' action, tones the calf muscles as you go.

In step with fashion's continuing love affair with classic 'retro' elements, 'Pescura's' chunky wooden base is right on the mark for one of summer's key fashion looks that is equal parts 'beach babe' and 'healthy hippie' - delivered with a decisively modern spin! It was a style recently sported by the increasingly iconic Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker's character in the hit TV series, Sex and the City) as well as by adopted Bondi 'boho', Claire Danes, and fellow Hollywood flick chick, Natalie Portman.

For OZ summer 2003/04 the 'Pescura' gets a refreshing, yet fashionable makeover in a range of cool new styles designed to cater for modern 'sandal gals' coast to coast. Available in both the 'Flat' and 'Heel' style, this summer features a yummy range of colours including olive green, juicy red, french white, and classic sand, as well as a great denim and camouflage finish.

The new Pescura Sandal will be available from October 2003 at leading retailers around Australia including True Alliance, Hype DC, Platypus Shoes, Youthworks, Universal Store, The Urban Store and Miss Gladys Sym Choon.

RRP of $85.95
For full stockist details call 02 9698 7033


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