Sarong Gaia Sleep Genie

Sarong Gaia Sleep Genie
Lie Awake and Wait for the Sleep Genie?

Not with this new three-wish natural sleep aid from Sarong Gaia

We’ve all had those nights where sleep doesn’t come easily. Whether it is due to stress, a preoccupied mind, disruptive sleep patterns, conditions such as depression or Sleep Apnea, or even just general disruptions that a modern lifestyle brings, Sarong Gaia has come up with the answer.

Sarong Gaia has created the Sleep Genie three-wish program to promote sleep, health and wellbeing without drugs or intrusive remedies and treatments. Using long recognised sleep aromatherapy treatments of organic essential oils combined with the health-promoting minerals in Himalayan bath salts, the three-wish program will have you sleeping soundly.

Wish 1 : Himalayan Deep Sleep Bath (RRP $30.00)

Sleep Genie Himalayan crystal salts are the most pristine & pollution free salts available onearth! Extracted by hand from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, they contain 84pristine trace minerals and nutrients that absorb into your skin to unravel tension and relieveexhaustion from stress and lack of sleep. Deeply detoxifying combined with our unique blendof sleep enhancing essential oils. Sleep Genie’s Himalayan Deep Sleep Bath mildly sedatesthe central nervous system for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Wish 2 : Essential Deep Sleep Oil (RRP $15.00)

Sleep Genie’s Essential Deep Sleep Oil deeply penetrates your skin tocalm anxiety, relieve agitation, promote stillness and induce feelings ofpeace and harmony. A multi-purpose product! We recommend thatyou massage into your body’s pressure points, add to your HimalayanDeep Sleep Bath and use in an oil burner to fill the room with sleepenhancing vapours. Soothe your skin and stimulate your senses.Sleep Genie’s essential oils enhance both your physical andpsychological well-being at the same time.

Wish 3 : Pillow Deep Sleep Mist (RRP $25.00)

Sleep Genie’s Pillow Deep Sleep Mist is a great combination of fastacting and convenient aromatherapy for tired and busy people! Spray iton your pillow and bed linen and allow to dry for 30 seconds. Relaxinto bed breathing deeply and gently, drifting into an irresistible state oftotal relaxation of body and mind. On those nights when your mind justwill not stop racing, give yourself the rest and recuperation you need towake up feeling refreshed revitalised and ready to face the day!

No other natural sleep remedies can match the therapeutic benefits of Sleep Genie. Users ofthis remedy report eased tensions and stress, heightened feelings of peace and well-being,and a great night’s sleep!

Sleep Genie’s natural essential oils are:

Lavender True: a calming, healingmeditative blend to relax body and mind,relieves agitation and jitteriness, providesbalance and restfulness.

Cedarwood Atlas: a grounding balance tocounteract anxiety and mental strain, bringscomfort and stability.

Roman Camomile: counteractsdepression, stress and exhaustion,promotes stillness and calm.

Bergamot: relieves tension and anxiety,induces feelings of harmony and peace.

Mandarin: promotes sense of calm,alleviates over-excitement and calms themind, soothes feelings of depression.

Lemon: purifying and calming, countersmental fatigue, lethargy, fear and turmoil.

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