Raising Eyebrows

Raising Eyebrows

Raising Eyebrows

When you've got fabulous brows, heads will turn! Lucky for you, it's never been easier or more adorable to get your brows looking their best. All you need is a little know-how and a great eyebrow shaping - it's like an instant face-lift!

This guide has everything you need to raise your brows to their beautiful best - and raise the eyebrows around you.

In this book you'll:
Discover how to get your brows into perfect shape
Compare the pros and cons of waxing and tweezing
Experience the joy of maintaining your brow sanity at home
Get tones of tips and tricks from the eyebrow experts at Benefit Cosmetics.

Brow Facts the will Raise the Eyebrows!
Benefit Australia:
In July 2011 Benefit's brow-arch service became the number one top selling product nationally in the prestige makeup category at Myer.
Benefit performs over 3,000 brow arch services per week… that's over 400 a day!
Benefit performs a brow tint every ten minutes of everyday in Australia… that's nearly 20,000 a year!
Benefit has performed over 250,000 brow services since it started in 2008 at the Benefit Boutique Paddington. Benefit opened its first Browbar door in Myer Sydney City in 2008.
Benefit will be opening 10 new browbars in 2012 in Myer

Benefit Around the World:
Benefit performs a brow arch every minute of everyday somewhere around the world.
Benefit has over 1,000 licensed Aestheticians and Cosmetologist on staff and assisting customers around the world!
All Benefit brow products combined sell 1 unit every minute of everyday around the world.

Cameron Tuttle is the author of the Paisley Hanover novels for teens, the best-selling Bad Girl's guides, and The Paranoid's Pocket Guide. She lives, writes and raises eyebrows in San Francisco.

Raising Eyebrows
Available at Ariel Bookstore, Paddington Benefit Boutique, Paddington Myer and Adorebeauty.com.au
Author: Cameron Tuttle
Price: $25.00