Omnia Paraiba EDT

Omnia Paraiba EDT

Omnia Paraiba EDT

Bulgari inaugurates a new chapter of the Omnia collection, the "album" of scents and spells, a "sampler' of the wonders of Brazil: Omnia Paraiba. A powerful hymn to a vibrant land which resembles no other.

HEAD NOTES: Curacao Bigarade Orange- Maracuja

The vibrancy of a fruity freshness, a hymn to joie de vivre, Brazilian "Alegria". The fragrance opens on a fresh and vibrant citrus start, combining the sparkly and dazzling tonalities of Cuao Bigarade with the juicy and tangy flesh of the Maracuja passion fruit. A head chord which grabs with its luminosity, its lightness and its gentle insouciance.

HEART NOTES: Passion Flower –Gardenia from Brazil

BASE NOTES: Cocoa Beans - Vetiver Essence

Available from October 2015 from Myer and David Jones

40 ml RRP- $91, 65ml RRP- $110