Neat Zori

Neat Zori

Neat Zori - fashionable footwear the comfortable way!

At last! A thong that is supportive for your feet and feels like you're floating in comfort. That's what you get with the latest product from the world's leading foot care company, Neat Feat!

Neat Zori - a modern sport version of Zori, the traditional Japanese footwear.

Combining the latest foot care technology for superior foot support, Neat Zori takes all the advantages of an orthotic (heel cup, arch and metatarsal support) and transforms it into a supportive thong. Ideal for lower back pain sufferers and people who suffer from sore joints, Zori is truly the most comfortable, convenient, and versatile footwear on the planet.

"Feet need room to breathe; they don't enjoy being cramped in uncomfortable shoes that may look fashionable but are causing problems on the inside," says Neat Feat Managing Director, Ant Laity."But even when the health of their feet is at stake, many people still do forgo comfort for fashion, but now with Zori they can have both."

Zori for you - The benefits of Neat Zori include:
* Stabilising In-Sole
* High Quality Construction
* Combining Comfort Functionality and Style
* Helps Reduce Foot / Leg / Back and Hip Fatigue
* Proven Orthotic Benefits - Arch, Heel & Metatarsal Support
* Lightweight, Water Resistant Materials
* Ergonomically Designed
* Ultra-Comfort Sole

The Zori Story - Versatile, Functional and Fashionable
Neat Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-Ons can be worn around the house and the grip on the sole also makes them ideal for outdoors. They can get wet with no problems and dry rapidly. They let your feet breathe naturally whereas conventional shoes bind you, crushing the toes together, potentially warping the shape of your feet and trapping moisture in place leading to unhealthy foot conditions.

Neat Zori are a sports-orientated, ergonomic soled slip-on with a V-shaped thong which comes between the big toe and the rest of the foot and so keeps the slip-on securely in place. Neat Zori are made of high-quality rubber, with padded straps and tough nylon toe piece with proven orthotic benefits.

And best of all they are comfortable, healthy, totally stylish and affordable! You'll never want to take them off.

Review: Most of us enjoy the look and feel of high heels, but in reality we can only wear them (if at all) for a short period of time. So if you want to save yourself a trip to the physio, headaches and a whole lot of pain, Neat Zori are ideal. More fashionable than regular thongs, Zori's feel great and provide so much support that you won't want to take them off.

Available in tan and black and red and white, sizes 6-12, Neat Zori are available through leading pharmacies and retail for $49.95 and best of all are unisex!

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