DaVinci Elite Teeth Whitening Range

DaVinci Elite Teeth Whitening Range

DaVinci Elite Teeth Whitening Range

Whiter is the new White

Want to look younger? Start smiling! A sparkling set of pearly whites can make you look younger, feel happier, and more confident! And, getting that celebrity sparkle has gotten that much easier with the launch of the next generation teeth whitening system from DaVinci Elite.

The DaVinci Elite Teeth Whitening Range, developed by a USA dental company, delivers dental clinic standards and results in just 30 minutes, at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of your own home.

DaVinci Elite is available as both a premium chair side service and take home kit. The premium professional standard procedure is self-administered, in an equipped Chair-Side Service environment, utilising a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel and LED light. The Take Home Kit comes with all the teeth whitening tools minus the LED light component. In less time than it would take to colour your hair, you can simply and quickly give your teeth a cosmetic overhaul that will leave them whiter, brighter and….keep you smiling!Premium Chair-side Service: $150
Take Home Kit: $99

5 Steps to a smiley, younger you! In just 5 steps and 30 minutes you can enjoy whiter teeth:
1. Check your existing tooth colour with the handy Tooth Shade guide supplied.
2. Use the supplied finger wipe to dry teeth
3. Use the vitamin E swab supplied to massage in between teeth and gums.
4. Make a teeth impression with the mouth tray provided
5. Fill the impression made with the supplied Hydrogen Peroxide-filled syringe
6. Place the mouth tray into your mouth and insert your teeth into the impression made and leave in for 30 minutes. When the time is up, remove the mouth tray and you are done!

REMI Paste Maintenance Program
To help you maintain those pearly whites and avoid possible sensitivity that can result from a teeth whitening procedure, the clever little DaVinci Dental Team has devised a paste that you pop onto teeth with a clean finger or cotton bud before going to bed and leave it on overnight to do its work. It's the equivalent, for teeth, to backing up that new home hair colour with treatment products designed to optimise hair health.
REMI Paste Maintenance Program: $39.95

Whitening Pen
And, in between teeth whitening treatments there's a handy teeth whitening pen you can use. Once you've achieved your desired teeth shade, maintain the look with the handy whitening pen, using a professional strength formula that simply paints onto teeth to keep them pearly white. The Whitening Pen comes with a Lipguard, making application easier and more comfortable for those in between touch ups!
Whitening Pen: $54.95

Now you can have that Hollywood smile without having to spend thousands of dollars! And, you can be secure in the knowledge that DaVinci professional standard will leave teeth looking and being healthier and whiter.

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