Motorola Motofone

Motorola Motofone
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a global leader in wireless communications, has released the highly anticipated MOTOFONE in Australia. High design coupled with easy to use features is now within reach with the arrival of this game-changing handset. MOTOFONE is set to redefine the mobile phone market place and strengthen Motorolas drive to enable people to make their first phone mobile call.

Based on Motorolas evolutionary new SCPL design platform, MOTOFONE is the first of a new breed of handsets designed to disrupt todays communications landscape by cutting across price tiers, product segments and international markets.

MOTOFONE was recently awarded the title of Best Ultra Low Cost Handset at the 3GSM World Congress 2007.

"Motorola is thrilled that MOTOFONE has been honoured with this prestigious award. The easy-to-use MOTOFONE incorporates the style that Motorolas brand is synonymous with," said Andrew Volard, Managing Director, Motorola South Pacific.

MOTOFONE combines Motorolas award-winning design sensibility with smart features and easy functionality. As Motorolas thinnest phone yet, measuring in at approximately 9mm, MOTOFONE will provide consumers with a value-priced handset with an extensive core feature set, while appealing to more sophisticated design tastes. The products SCPL-based design platform borrows elements from Motorolas iconic portfolio and adds a flat keypad, eye-catching colours and innovative materials.

"The launch of MOTOFONE in Australia is another big step forward in Motorolas drive to enable people to experience their first mobile phone call," continued Mr. Volard. "Specifically made to meet the needs and tastes of consumers such as those right here in Australia, MOTOFONE is a true game-changing handset that will redefine the mobile landscape."

MOTOFONE re-establishes expectations over how a value-priced handset looks and feels and what it delivers. Offering an intuitive new interface built with icons and voice versus text, as well as voice prompts in local language, the handset makes it easier and friendlier for first-time users to navigate, place a call, and retrieve messages. Its large, high contrast screen, powered by a revolutionary ClearVision display makes it easier to use the phone outdoors.

E Ink Corporation, the leading supplier of electronic paper displays, is providing the display technology behind MOTOFONEs ClearVision. The changeable electronic ink display is easy to read in bright sunlight or dimly lit environments from virtually any angle just like paper. Additionally, the display is plastic, lightweight and ultra-low power, making it ideal for mobile and power sensitive applications by eliminating the weight and breakability of glass used in LCD displays.

"E Ink is unleashing the design freedom of Motorola which enables disruptive innovation," said Russ Wilcox, CEO of E Ink Corporation. "Todays launch marks a big milestone in the display industry as it shows that electronic paper displays are entering the mainstream."


The GSM version, MOTOFONE F3, is available in Australia through Optus, RRP $69.

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