Aurora Cossio stars in Griselda

Aurora Cossio stars in Griselda

Colombian/Italian sensation, Aurora Cossio is set to dazzle as 'Estela' in Netflix's highly anticipated crime drama, "GRISELDA." The series, premiering globally tomorrow, promises an adrenaline-fueled journey through the real-life saga of Griselda Blanco (Sofia Vergara), a formidable Colombian businesswoman who carved out a legendary cartel empire.




Aurora's star power isn't confined to "GRISELDA." With an impressive acting repertoire, she's graced the screen in Italy's 'La Selecciòn,' heating up the storyline as "Viviana" Valenciano's passionate lover. Venturing stateside, she left her mark in the International Emmy Award-winning series, "La Reina del Sur," and the gripping "Verdad Oculta" under the direction of renowned Colombian filmmaker Jorge Ali Triana. In 2021, she shared the screen with legends Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser in "The Ritual Killer."


But Aurora is more than just a captivating actress; she's a powerhouse with a purpose. Armed with a degree in Psychology, she founded the Good Morning Happiness brand"an initiative to spread joy, love, and laughter. In 2021, she transformed this vision into a thriving community, connecting people through the universal language of laughter.


A classically trained actor and voiceover maestro, Aurora's journey spans premiere academies in Italy, Spain, Colombia, and the US. Currently calling Santa Monica home but with a heart that spans Italy and Colombia, Aurora seamlessly navigates between continents, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

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