Molton Brown Men's Grooming Collection

Molton Brown Men's Grooming Collection

Molton Brown Men's Grooming Collection

Molton Brown, London's bath and body connoisseurs since 1973, introduces the launch of its new Men's Grooming Collection designed for top-to-toe grooming.

The new range delivers high performance results by caring for the skin pre and post-shave, leaving it feeling healthy and soft. It's formulated with African whitewood extract for oil control and barley extract to replenish the skin's protective barrier, which also aids in the renewal of cell membranes.

The collection focuses on a three-step approach to achieving the ultimate results:
The first step; cleanse consists of a face wash and deep-clean face scrub, and when used concurrently will tighten the pores, and combat excess dirt and ingrown hairs.
The second phase; shave focuses on achieving the smoothest, most precise shave possible. A gel, shaving cream and moisture rich shaving soap will facilitate for a comfortable, effortless shave.
The last phase; treat calms the skin post shave with a recovery balm.

The new Molton Brown Men's Grooming Collection includes:

Balancing Face Wash (100ml)
Cleanse skin without affecting its natural PH balance with the gentle yet effective Balancing Face Wash. It features African whitewood extract, which combats excess shine and dirt whilst softening the beard bristles - ready for the perfect shave.
RRP $36

Deep-clean Face Scrub (100ml)
Clean and prep skin before shaving with the hassle-free Deep-clean Face Scrub. African whitewood extract works to tighten the pores and dissolve excess oils while jojoba wax beads slough away dirt, targeting blackheads and ingrown hairs.
RRP $38

Razor-glide Shaving Gel (150ml)

Lightweight and soothing, the Razor-glide Shaving Gel gives a precise, cushion-soft shave. African whitewood extract combats shine and preps both bristles and the skin for the closet shave.
RRP $40

Skin-calm Shaving Cream (150ml)
Enjoy a smooth solution for a more comfortable shave, thanks to the Skin-calm Shaving Cream. Barley extract calms and preps the skin – perfect for fuss-free grooming.
RRP $40


Moisture-rich Shaving Soap With Bowl
A handsome, mild-to-skin traditional soap that creates a creamy lather for effortless razor glide. Deeply hydrating coconut oil is used to prep skin before shaving, leaving it soft and smooth.
RRP $55

Moisture-rich Shaving Soap Re-fill
The Moisture-rich Shaving Soap Re-fill is a handy shaving soap to re-fill your shaving bowl. The addition of intensely hydrating coconut oil will prep skin before shaving and leave it feeling nourished.
RRP $20

Skin Recovery Post-shave Recovery Balm (75ml)
An ultra-soothing balm that helps calm skin post-shave and reduces redness. Barley extract helps
re-build skin's moisture barrier for a comfortable feel.
RRP $38

It's time to put your best face forward with Molton Brown's all new Men's Grooming Collection.


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