Miss Green’s Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events

Miss Green’s Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events

Launch of Miss Greens Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events

An exciting, innovative and eco-friendly concept in interactive fashion events is set to hit Melbourne with the official launch in March of Miss Green's Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events.

For the first time, fashion savvy men and women will have the opportunity to update their wardrobes in an eco-friendly and economical way through the exchange of their quality, unwanted fashion items.

"In these tough economic times, many savvy dollar conscious fashionistas may be struggling to find ways to keep their fabulous wardrobes updated without handing over their hard earned cash at the same time," said Miss Green's Wardrobe founder Rebecca George.

"Miss Green's Wardrobe is a series of exciting fashion swap events, which are planned to be held on a regular occasion, providing participants with a fantastic opportunity to mix with like minded people with a keen eye for fashion. Instead of your loved clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes sitting in your wardrobes, not being worn, people will be able to swap t hem for items of a similar quality so that they can stay ahead of the fashion stakes. Think Country Road, Bettina Liano, Lisa Ho, Sportsgirl, Jacqui E, Miss Sixty, Stella McCartney and you will be right at home."

Miss Rebecca George said that as well as focusing on fashion swaps, she had spent considerable time approaching like-minded organizations to support her events.

"These organizations, "Friends of Miss Green's Wardrobe", are also dedicated to minimizing their impact on the environment by producing organic, naturally made products that provide alternatives to what we are traditionally aware of. The end result of establishing these relationships is the donation of products for Miss Green to use as prizes for many competitions while raising awareness of the alternatives."

Miss Rebecca George is planning on creating themes for each event, due to the wide range of products from "Friends of Miss Green's Wardrobe". Ranging from "Spring Racing" to "Naturally Yours", they will make each event different from the other, maintaining interest for all those attending.

An excellent way to find hidden treasure, Miss Greens Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events provides opportunity to for clothes swapping, fashion exchange or simply to buy quality fashion clothing, accessories.

Miss Green's Wardrobe Fashion Exchange Events

Where: Baroq House, 9-13 Drewery Lane, Melb CBD.

When: Wednesday 29th April

Time: 6pm to 11pm.

Tickets: www.missgreenswardrobe.com.au