Maison Lancôme Collection

Maison Lancôme Collection

Maison Lancôme Collection

A trio of 'Haute-Parfumerie" essences

Lancôme, master fragrance creator since its earliest days Lancôme came into being in 1935. The brand's founder, Armand Petitjean, presented his very first creations to the world at the Brussels Exposition Universelle; a quintet of fragrances, a prêt-à-porter collection of emotions. A passionate connoisseur of essences and absolutes, from the very beginning Armand Petitjean was to channel Lancôme towards an olfactory sphere.

76 years on, Lancôme is paying homage to its remarkable legacy with new editions of the brand's most precious olfactory gems. Each is an audacious concentrate of luxury, exclusively available at David Jones.

Lancôme, the flower virtuoso par excellence

Bestowed with exceptional elegance and signature authenticity, Lancôme fragrances have always shared a single quest: to evoke emotion. To tell a story. Invite on a journey. Capture the essential.

Convey the inexpressible. Become a second skin that fuses with one's own. Drawing on its enviable archives, 'Maison Lancôme" is reviving forgotten fragrances which exude these very principles. Formulas blended using precious raw materials, each with a floral heart beating at its core, whether created for men or women. Reigning supreme, the most noble of flowers. An instantly recognisable queen and Lancôme's emblem; the rose. An ever-present link woven into the narrative of each fragrance, uniting every single olfactory creation since 1935.
Available in special new editions for fragrance connoisseurs and those who covet exceptional mastery, 'Maison Lancôme" unveils three new mythical fragrances. Their bottle is a pared-down, contemporary reinterpretation of the early 1960s glass bottle designed by artist Georges Delhomme, a key figure in the creation of Lancôme's first fragrances. Transparent and refined, it allows the preciously coloured elixirs encapsulated within to be exalted by light. A most precious case dressed in fine golden lines, an object of luxury and signature French refinement.

Olfactory renaissance
Peut-être 75ml RRP $220

'Peut-être proclaims nothing at all. It is both question and answer, a non-committal promise, tinged with hope; it is a word symbolic of youth," explained Armand Petitjean, founder of Lancôme. Launched in 1937, just two years after the brand's creation, Peut-être is a celebration of moments suspended in time. The fleeting freshness of spring and syringa petals form its top notes, halfway between heady scents of jasmine and capricious lilac. Bulgarian rose essence then offers a lively melody of middle notes, playing alongside powdered and resolutely chic iris. With a playful spirit and a resoundingly floral heart, Peut-être draws inspiration from the delicate, refined scents of a French garden. This fragrance encapsulates raw materials of eminent quality. A careful balance impossible to reproduce on a large scale. On skin, the milky, almond and vanilla-tinged balmy musk harmonies cocoon the fragrance's floral bouquet in a halo of softness. As the hours pass, Peut-être swathes skin in an addictively tender, amber-toned sensation. A truly unforgettable experience."

Balafr 75ml RRP $220

In the company of fragrance connoisseurs, one only needs to evoke Balafre to understand the depth of this fragrance's impact in the 70s and 80s. Launched in 1968, in the midst of protests that revolutionised social manners in France and beyond, the fragrance has not aged a day. Striking in its modernity, the composition opens with a cascade of Mediterranean zesty fruits: bergamot, lemon, sweet lime and mandarin. An array of sun-drenched, citrus facets that instantly seize your attention. Lavender's inclusion allows women to make this fragrance – designed for men – their own. Women adore its melody of masculine codes, with middle notes of rosy geranium and the innocent sweetness of orange blossom. Crisp green notes of galbanum form the backbone of Balafre, taking us through to the base notes of richly wooded patchouli and sandalwood. A best-seller in its day, this men's fragrance will be revisited several times in years to come. A resoundingly cult fragrance.

1001 Roses 75ml RRP $220

Featured in each and every Lancôme fragrance for women, and often in the background of many of its compositions for men, the rose is the brand's emblematic signature. This most majestic queen of flowers has become an emblem of femininity and deserved a singular homage. Created as a limited edition in time for the new millennium, 1001 Roses concentrates exceptional quality absolute and essence of Damask rose, sourced from Turkey and Bulgaria. Adorned with ambrette seed, tangerine and pepper, this rose starts as a closed bud, still bejewelled with fresh morning dew. The closer you come to skin to breathe in its fragrance, the more the bud flourishes. Petal by petal, it generously opens out, exuding incomparable radiance. Amber, vanilla pod and white musk then emerge, revealing their sumptuous scents on skin. The flower then takes on a subtly oriental accent, prolonging its hold and growing in body. A rare essence born of the world's finest and most noble raw materials.

Peut-être 75ml: RRP $220

Balafr 75ml: RRP $220

1001 Roses 75ml: RRP $220

L'Autre Oud 75ml: RRP $220


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