Karl Lagerfeld: Kapsule

Karl Lagerfeld: Kapsule

Karl Lagerfeld: Kapsule

The fragrance collection by Karl Lagerfeld.


Fashion flows from Karl Lagerfeld with the ease that rain falls from above.

When the sky seems immobile, he senses the vibrations in the air. He decides on the weather, then gently blows the trend.
He has a divinatory eye, a free spirit and a precise hand.

With him, today is already tomorrow.

Everywhere, his magic is at work...

Clothes, accessories, photos, books, objects... His infinitely rich and perfectly coherent world defines new borders for our own.

Conventions, surplus and complications are tossed aside. Instead, a new world is invented where sophistication and simplicity go together.

Because he hates all that is pompous and excess, he goes straight to the point.

Through his creations, and on himself, he models elegance and modernity, and helps us to choose. The antidotes to frenzied, frantic excess: the capsule wardrobe.
Three items of clothing: a jacket, jeans and a skirt. Indispensable pieces that can be mixed and matched to infinity, offering us the assurance of always being in step with fashion and our desires. Masculine? Feminine? 'Everyone,' says Karl, 'has one hear, two arms and two legs.'
Gender doesn't matter, as long as you have style...

The Kapsule collection, too, is designed for one and all...
It is just as short, just as clear, just as easy. It refreshes the art and the pleasure of fragrance.

Light, Floriental, Woody... In three fragrances, Karl Lagerfeld interprets the major fragrance families, recreating for us an ultra-simple and luxurious olfactory dressing room. As chic and accessible as a capsule wardrobe, and just as rich in possibilities.

An avant-garde concept illustrated by three exquisite and carefully composed fragrances. You can use one, exclusively. Or wear three in a row. Choose them to match how you're feeling or what you're wearing.

LIGHT (by Mark Buxton)

Under the sun or in the snow, the sharp and vibrant bitter orange bursts into a gallop. Freshness, energy… and then it takes off. The pace slows to a trot with the arrival of a beautiful water-drenched jasmine. The speed stays light, but the petals shiver as nutmeg and clove pass by. And musk leaves an enticing scent in its wake...
Is this simple and perfect concoction falsely modest or... worse... a libertine ingénue?

FLORIENTAL (by Emilie Copperman)

This sensual and unexpected scent beckons you to the surprises of love. It has stripped down the slightly heavy construction of its original family to reinvent its identity. More modern and subtle. With ravaging incandescence, it prefers the diffuse heat of the skin. It presents itself with distinction: green, acute, ivy leaves give it structure. And, ever so tactfully, it imprisons you in a fatal accord of violet and black tea leaves. It cannot be accused of lacking elegance. But who can resist its exquisite and languorous beauty?

WOODY (by Olivier Cresp)

Intrigue them. Cover your tracks by being yourself more than ever before. Move from shadow to light. From bark to pulp. Play it dry and show your tender side. Finally, keep one thing in mind: refinement.

This delicately faceted woody fragrance overflows with sensations. Magnificent cedar offers magnitudes of noble dryness and deep vibrations. Dense, dark moss add a hint of mystery. And full plum shares it velvety freshness. No one can forget this aura that never ceases to amaze- without ever relenting to reveal its secret...


Pure lines and originality... the Kapsule bottles are in total harmony with the fragrance held within.
Immediately recongisable.
The colour says it all.

Transparent for Light, deep red for Floriental, shimmering green for Woody.

Elegant and unexpected, they fascinate by the highly elaborate simplicity of their shape, imparting a comfortable sense of intimacy to the hand that holds them.
Unique objects of beauty, they indulge in the restrained luxury of a stopper and label in matte gold. These constant companions also come in a small size to follow us wherever we go: a profusion of mini-bottles exuding irresistible charm.
Last but not least… The man who desired and crafted them for us is also present. His signature is embossed on the glass bare. There's no doubt: we have entered the world of Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule:
Light EDT 30ml$70 75ml $125
Floriental EDT 30ml$70 75ml$125
Woody EDT 30ml$70 75ml$125

The Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule bottles are available from selected David Jones stores from 1st of March 2009 then rolling out to select MYER stores one month later. Call 1800 812 663 for Stockists.