Move Over 007 - Spy the REAL action heroes!

RELEASE DATE: 11 JUNE 2003 / Rated M15+

Comedy genius Eddie Murphy (from SHREK and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR) and the hysterical Owen Wilson (from ZOOLANDER and SHANGHAI NOON) team up as a wacky crime-fighting duo who deliver espionage with attitude in the riotous smash-hit I SPY.

Raking in $4.2 million at the Australian box-office, I SPY is set to be the action/comedy DVD and Video release of the year, combining trademark Eddie Murphy laughs with fast-paced adventure and side-splitting antics.

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment delivers yet another entertainment enhanced DVD jam-packed with sensational features including an insightful audio commentary with director Betty Thomas (director of DR DOLITTLE, 28 DAYS), producer Jenno Topping, editor Peter Teschner and writers Jay Scherick and David Ronn.

See this madcap crime-fighting duo's antics behind-the-scenes in four revealing featurettes including "Cloak & Camouflage", "Gadgets & Gizmos", "Schematics & Blueprints" and "The Slugafest", all designed to take you that extra step into the movie-making experience.