Gorilla Perfume from Lush

Gorilla Perfume from Lush

Gorilla Perfume from Lush

Gorilla Perfume was formed to showcase the perfumery of Mark and Simon Constantine. We are an antidote to boring mass-market scents and a movement to get people excited about good quality perfume.

Six new Gorilla Perfume fragrances have been launched in Lush stores nationally and online at www.lush.com.au

Imogen Rose
A soft, exquisite Damascus rose perfume. Opening with fresh roses straight from the field using 100% pure rose oil and garden fresh notes of basil. It moves quickly into baby soft talc with tonka and rose absolute producing a warm embracing middle note. Finally the dry down is a sweet amber with vetivert, orris and ambrette seed providing a warm floral finish. A beautiful, one-of-a-kind perfume.

$69.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $33.95 for 9g atomiser / $16.95 for solid perfume

Unashamedly carnal and sexy, this fragrance is pure jasmine. It's extremely provocative, sensual and erotic. It practically bowls you over. This is the one to wear if you want to get lucky!
($39.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $15.50 for 9g atomiser / $7.95 for solid perfume)

Breath of God
Intensely medicinal at first, this fragrance develops throughout the day, continuously revealing new facets. It's a thinking person's perfume; it makes you contemplate. This fragrance combines two perfumes: one based on the smoky scents from the Tibetan temples (sandalwood and amber) and the other inspired by the fresh clean air of the mountains (lemon, neroli and rose). The melon notes add a transparent quality, which should be at odds with the smoky dry-down, but instead combine to create a wonderful olfactory experience.
($54.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $25.95 for 9g atomiser / $11.95 for solid perfume)

Orange Blossom
Fresh orange blossom absolute and neroli oil burst out of the bottle like a distilled Mediterranean moment. Over time, the honeyed and woody tones develop on your skin and you are left with a warm glow. Perfect if the cold weather is getting you down and you want to be transported to sunnier climes.
($39.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $18.95 for 9g atomiser / $9.95 for solid perfume)

The sweet and sensual real vanilla and jasmine absolutes are supported by the burnt caramel-like scent of tonka bean in this delicious perfume. This perfume is akin to a grown-up gourmand. Its character really warms and develops on the skin, it's calming and familiar and can instill feelings of inner confidence.
($44.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $19.95 for 10g atomizer / $10.95 for solid perfume)

Retro yet ageless, Karma is a powerful, spicy and unique patchouli and citrus perfume. It's a strange slow-burner for some; you fall for it without realising what's happening. Others love it from the first sniff as they are transported to the age of freedom. An exotic blend of patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils, an ever deepening, ever calming fragrance, which changes as you wear it.
($39.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $15.50 9g atomizer / $7.95 for solid perfume)

Tuca Tuca
Tuca Tuca is that fun and flirtatious girl inside us all - she's mischievous with a naughty sense of humour and an infectious giggle. She likes to dance like no-one's watching and run through park sprinklers with abandonment, just because she can. She's whimsical, carefree and when the sun shines just right she can go from being sweet to sensual with the bat of an eyelash. Tuca Tuca is the epitome of how fast your heart races when your eyes meet the boy you've got a crush on!
($39.95 for 27g perfume bottle / $18.95 for 9g atomizer / $9.95 for solid perfume)