Giorgio Armani Si, Rose Signature Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Si, Rose Signature Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Si, Rose Signature Eau de Parfum

Strong. Sensitive. Serene. Sì Eau de Parfum embodies the very essence of today's woman. A woman who says 'yes' to life and happiness. Sì embodies her fearless elegance and irresistible presence. The new Sì Rose Signature Eau de Parfum captures her heart.


This intensely feminine reinterpretation of the original eau de parfum adds two rose accords to give an unexpected twist to the Sì trademark chypre. The result is Giorgio Armani's creation of a seductive veil as an ode to the rose and its eternal beauty swathed in a silky robe.



The rose is an icon of beauty, femininity and passion. Giorgio Armani celebrates all three by bringing together two of the most famous roses in perfumery: the Rose de Mai central to the appeal of Sì, and the ageless purity of Rose Turque. Together, they beat in unison. They soothe by stimulating the senses.


Sì Rose Signature opens with sensational spring freshness lit by flashes of bergamot and mandarin. The light freesia accord blends seamlessly with the Blackcurrant Neo Jungle Essence*.

The two rose absolutes at its heart create an opulent bouquet. The translucent petals are exalted to new heights by the iris concrete and velvety osmanthus absolute.

The deep and sensual base notes of Ambrette absolute and Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence* melt into the sweet woodiness of Orcanox* with a subtle hit of patchouli.

An intangible, all-enveloping and sublime elegance.



A kimono jacket tied with an obi belt and the freshness of bamboo recreated by the superb embroidery of silky dresses add a touch of Asian elegance. The enhanced sensuality of slender shoulders and discreet exposed skin.

For the first time, the signature Sì bottle has been accessorized. The tint of its opalescent jus is pale pink, creating the impression of a veil for the skin. Its delicate folds of fabric contrast with the strength of the Onyx cap and scintillating gold rings.

Its translucent lines are encompassed by a hand-stitched silk obi that makes every bottle unique.

RRP: $190