Gillette BODY Manscaping Tips

Gillette BODY Manscaping Tips

Gillette BODY Manscaping Tips

Body shaving is an increasingly common part of men's grooming routines, however there is a particular art to achieving the body look you want. Using razors and techniques that are designed for the face can lead to nicks, cuts, rashes and pain that can make the 'off-roading" experience a nightmare. The terrain of the male body is very different to the face- so guys, while you think you have shaving covered, it's important to keep a few rules in mind to get the job done safely and smoothly!

1. If you don't shave your body regularly, it's a good idea to trim your hair beforehand. This will prevent skin irritations and nasty cuts, as well as allowing easy navigation of the razor

2. Prepping your skin in the shower is a must! Exfoliating before shaving will prevent ingrown hairs and rash, and generously applying a shave gel like the Gillette Fusion Proglide 2-in-1 Sensitive shave gel, will ensure added hydration and will prevent cuts and flaky skin

3. When it's time to shave, be sure to work out the way the bristle grows on the different parts of your body. Always follow the growth pattern of your hair to avoid irritation to the skin, using light, gentle strokes

4. Leave tricky areas like the groin until last. They require the most concentration, so it's better to do them together at the end when you're most comfortable with the razor. Using a smaller razor that is made specifically for your body like the new Gillette Body razor will enable you to handle various contours, allowing a clean and safe cut from many angles. To help calm the nerves, the razor has three lubricating strips for glide and non-slip grip for exceptional control. Remember, always pull your skin taught and as flat as possible so that your terrain is easier to navigate

5. After shaving, rinse your body with cold water. This will help to close the open pores of your skin, preventing irritation by clothes, moisturisers and other fragranced body sprays and colognes. Also ensure you moisturise while your skin is damp; this will help to lock in moisture and avoid shaving rash and rough, dry skin

By Gillette R&D Expert, Kristina Vanoosthuyze


Gillette BODY Razor

Male body shaving is on the rise and now, for the first time, Australian men have a special tool for the job. Today, Gillette, the world's leading male grooming brand, introduced the brand's first razor built for the terrain of a man's body: the new Gillette BODY razor. A razor dedicated to the body is essential, because men's body skin is drier and more sensitive than facial skin, and so it involves more tricky navigation to ensure total body comfort.

Key features of the Gillette BODY razor are:
Rounded Head Designed For Total Body Comfort: The only male razor with this feature, so it glides comfortably over all body contours and into tight places
3 Lubricating Strips: The only male razor with three lubricating strips for outstanding glide
Non-Slip Grip: For exceptional control, even in the shower
3 Floating Blades: For comfort and flexibility, for some of the most sensitive areas on a man's body

Other features include:
Forward Pivoting Head easily adapts to body contours
System And Disposable versions are available, making the razor ideal for any preference

Complementary products include:
Replacement Blades: A purchase of the Gillette BODY razor includes 2- and 4 pack replacement blades, which also fit all MACH3 and Gillette BODY handles
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel

The Gillette BODY razor is available in all major retailers, RRP: $10.49.