Ghost Whisperer: Season 2 DVD Box Set

Ghost Whisperer: Season 2 DVD Box Set

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Aisha Tyler
Director: John Gray
Producers: Joe Dishner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Gray
Genre: TV Series
Rated: M15+
Running Time: 6 Disc Box DVD Set

Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has the ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died, providing deeply moving and important closure for them and their loved ones. In this season of Ghost Whisperer, Melinda and her husband, Jim Clancy (David Conrad), are joined by new friend and employee Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim) as Melinda battles a dark force taking over her beloved town of Grandview. Discover her unbelievable adventure in all 22 episodes of Season Two.

In this series Melinda embarks upon married life with her husband Jim who worries about the emotional toll this unconventional gift takes on his wife. Andrea, her friend and business partner in their antique store, is fascinated by Melinda's talent. Also, Melinda is hesitant to reveal her 'gift' to new friend Delia Banks (award-winning actress Camryn Manheim), worrying about the consequences of pulling her into this unusual world.

However, Melinda continues to make the best of her inimitable abilities. Though sometimes a curse, but mostly a blessing she always helps her 'clients' - dead or alive - find some kind of closure.

Special Features
Audio Commentaries
A Conversation With The Living
Ghostly Visions
Grandview Graveyard
Melinda's Closet
The Other Side: Trailer
The Other Side: Web Series
The Other Side: Behind The Scenes
Jennifer Love Hewitt: Speed Painting Video
Easter Egg