Get Reese's Sweet Home Alabama Style

Get Reese's Sweet Home Alabama Style
Buena Vista Home Entertainment released Sweet Home Alabama on DVD and video on 17 October 2003. The romantic comedy stars America's sweetheart, Golden Globe nominee Reese Witherspoon, as she delivers a heart-warming and memorable performance as Melanie Charmichael in Sweet Home Alabama.

Reese plays a chic, sophisticated blonde, New York fashion designer, who suddenly finds herself with more than she bargained for when she becomes engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor…she is still married to her once high school sweetheart!

In the end, Melanie hangs up her stilettos and gives up her stylish New York lifestyle, for a life with her true love in her hometown of Alabama.

You too can get Reese's city style as Melanie, the savvy fashion designer and also her country style as Melanie the hometown girl of Alabama by following these easy fashion and beauty steps...

  1. Melanie in New York

    Fashion Tips
    To achieve Melanie's New York style, think sleek and sophistication. Opt for dark coloured, preferably black tops and pants with tailored fits. As a clothes designer Melanie wants comfort and simplicity, for all the hours in the cutting room and in the office liaising with suppliers and buyers.

    Tops / shirts
    When shopping for daytime wear look for tops that are simple yet stylish. Try tees with a slight difference like lace trim or detailed stitching. For colder days, look for tops with unusual necklines. Go for off the shoulder, roll-neck or symmetrical styles. For outdoors in those New York winters, invest in a quality coat for warmth with a high collar that can be pulled up for protection from those blowy winds. Again stick with black colours and tailored fits to emphasise your womanly figure. Avoid anything with boring straight lines or anything baggy, as this can be unflattering and matronly.

    Pants / Skirts
    Pants again, look for tailored fits but don't go with anything too tight. Try wide, pleated straight leg pants or cropped carpi's. Knee-length or pencil skirts are a wardrobe must-have, stick with plain colours or simple feminine prints. Mini skirts and ankle length skirts are a definite no! In colder months complement the skirt with knee high leather boots or sexy stilettos. For an ultra glam look during the evening, try sexy fishnets or printed opaques.

    Colours / accessories
    Stick with dark colours, if black doesn't work for you go for chocolate brown or dark charcoals. If you feel like you need some colour look for tops with coloured trim or try a sash or scarf with your desired colourings.

    Melanie's shoes are again classic and stylish. For daywear she tends to go for simple pumps or dressy flats that compliment her outfit. During the evening she will opt for a sexy pair stilettos, which give her ankles great definition and that added height!

  2. Melanie in Alabama

    Fashion Tips
    When Melanie returns to Alabama she adopts a country home-style way of dressing. To achieve this look you have to select clothes for comfort and practicability.

    Tops / shirts
    During the day, wear a loose fitted shirt in either a coloured or printed floral fabric that is light and airy. If you prefer to wear a t-shirt rather then a buttoned shirt, look for a coloured polo or fitted, printed tee. Team your casual look on weekends with a loose fitting t-shirt or singlet this ensemble will enable you the flexibility and ease to run your everyday errands.

    You will live in a versatile denim jacket. This can be thrown over the top of your outfit on the cooler days or in the evenings. When shopping for one, make sure it's good quality denim and durable for lots or wear! Or if at home and after something more casual, grab a hooded sweater or casual zip-up jacket.

    Pants / skirts
    A pair of great comfortable jeans is a must! Look for a pair of acid wash or a pair of bootlegs with a distressed denim look. For a day at home pottering in the garden or baking in the kitchen throw on a comfortable pair of track-pants or cargos.

    Colours / accessories
    If you prefer the country look to the city look, your wardrobe will be filled with colourful pieces, lots of florals, prints and denim. To accessorise, pick woollen scarves for warmth and even a poncho to throw over the top of your outfit in the colder months.

    When selecting shoes, choose flats or shoes with a practical, low heel. Flip-flops and slides will be perfect for the summer months and knee-high or ankle boots in the winter. If you want a more casual look try a pair of comfortable trainers, which will also be great for walking too!

Beauty Insider - Behind Reese's Sweet Home Look

Beauty Tips
Not only do we give you all the hints and tips behind Reese's gorgeous Sweet Home Alabama wardrobe style, we give you her makeup secrets too! The great thing about this film is the looks Reese captures with her makeup and wardrobe are the looks that each of us desire regularly in our average work days and in our weekend 'get up'.

Get Reese's gorgeous 'city' look by using bright or warm lip colours.
Try a slightly lighter shade of lip liner and draw a line around the edge of your lips. Avoid leaving a severe line by rubbing your lips together to blend the edges into your lip. Another option is to use a lip brush containing a smidgeon of gloss to blend the line into the actual lip. Then blend your chosen shade of lipstick (a warm rosy hue or a pink fuscia tone) on your lips. A lip brush will give you a better, smoother outcome.

For Reese's country look, simply go for neutral colour tones. If you want your eyes to be the focus, then use nude with beige or pale rose colours on the lips and then simply coat with gloss. For more definition and to make your mouth appear 'pouty', add a nude liner first and then fill your lips with your favourite beige lippy and don't forget to gloss up!

No need to worry about your makeup too much when going for that 'country girl/girl next door' look. You can achieve a warm, polished look simply by applying blush in a warm peachy or apricot shade and always have an eyelash curler handy!

Eyelash curlers are an essential item to have in your makeup bag. Even if you don't apply mascara, you can use these to give your eyes a more 'open' and brighter appearance.

Reese's beautifully shaped eyebrows work for her in both her city slicker and country-calm looks. To achieve Reese's eyebrows, visit your fave beauty salon or waxing/eyebrow-shaping specialist. If you're new to eyebrow shaping, then ask your friends for a recommendation. Eyebrows, when well groomed, will shape your eyes and make you feel 'finished.'

Give further attention to your eyes (just like Reese!) by adding a smoky coloured eyeliner to the tops of your lids. Smudge this for a softer effect and add more to the very outer part of your eye. A contoured line is more effective and adds shape to the eye. For the country gal look, simply use a lighter shade of eyeliner or none at all and put some lip-gloss on your eyelids to give a fresh summery look.

The final keys to capturing Reese's faultless complexion, is to mix your moisturiser with your foundation before applying. This will give you a flawless skin texture. Use more or less of your foundation depending upon whether you're going for your city look or country/girl-next-door look.

To check out Reese's style grab your own copy of Sweet Home Alabama on DVD or video available from 17 October 2003 and take note of her two fantastic and achievable looks!