GAIA Made For Men

GAIA Made For Men
The first organic men's skincare range to be made widely available and distributed through Australian supermarkets is a true reflection of the changing social tide. Australian men are now not only caring about their image and appearance, but their overall health and wellbeing as well.

Using carefully selected organic veggie oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils, known for their skin nurturing benefits, these ingredients help tackle typically male issues such as razor burn, in-grown hairs and assists in maintaining clear, healthy skin.

Using certified organic Lime, certified organic Patchouli and certified organic Spearmint pure essential oils for a fresh and masculine scent, GAIA made for men stimulates your senses, helping to awaken, refresh and re-energise your skin to meet the day (or night!) ahead.

The GAIA made for men range consists of a face & body scrub, wash, shave gel and face crème:

Made for Men Face and Body Scrub 150ml
"Using a scrub is like using a plane on a piece of wood to slough off the top layer to reveal a smooth finish underneath," says Simon, "Without all the surface debris and having minimised any lumps and bumps - your shave will be a lot smoother," says Simon. "It is also great for in-grown hairs."

"It is made with crushed walnut shells, a natural bio-degradable exfoliant, which is nice and gritty, but gentle enough to care for your skin without sand-blasting it off" says Simon. "And because it is FREE from alcohol, soap and sulphates, it won't dry or irritate. This scrub invigorates the skin while at the same time hydrating and softening. It will leave you feeling fresh and revived." Simon says.

Made for Men Face and Body Wash 150ml
"This is a great shower gel you can use from head to toe. Because it is soap and sulphate free it will clean your skin and remove any excess oil without stripping your natural protective oils or leave a greasy layer behind. And as it contains calming botanical extracts, they are friendlier for skin affected by dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema" says Simon. "A great pick me up - it stimulates the skins surface and maintains elasticity and suppleness, making you feel soft, smooth and more vibrant."

Made for Men Shave Gel 150ml
"It is made from a blend of moisturising oils to soften and lubricate the skin, minimising friction. The organic aloe vera and organic chamomile help to soothe and calm any razor burn or irritation." says Simon. "Not only is this gel soap and sulphate free, it doesn't contain any butane, propane or harsh chemicals that can also irritate the skin. If you like a little extra lather - this gel can be mixed with more water for more of a foam." says Simon.

Made for Men Face Creme 150ml
"This is a light moisturiser and aftershave balm in one to de-sensitize any razor burn and keep the skin hydrated. It contains cooling organic spearmint to leave your skin feeling fresh without oiliness. It is also good for dry or flaking skin," says Simon.

The entire range of GAIA made for men is FREE from ingredients that are known to dry or irritate particularly sensitive skin. There are NO sulphates, propylene glycol, parabens, mineral oil or petrochemicals leaving you with just pure, natural and organic product. Sometimes it's not just what you put in, but what you leave out that counts!

GAIA made for men is now available to purchase on-line, via mail order or from selected pharmacies and health food stores Australia wide and from selected Coles supermarkets in the shaving section!

GAIA made for men


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